2022 NBA Draft: Rockets, Magic, Thunder news and rumors in the final hours


With only hours until the 2022 NBA Draft on Thursday night, there is a flood of information from news sources and content providers across the league. Some of it may be accurate, but some parts may be misleading or downright inaccurate due to the many agendas involved.

This is why we believe in following the trend lines during this turbulent time, as opposed to a particular report or source.

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When it comes to the Rockets, and which player of the top three frontcourt prospects — Auburn’s Jabari Smith, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren and Duke’s Paolo Banchero — remain at No. 3, Houston’s fate is intrinsically tied to the picking two teams ahead of them in first-round order. Those teams, of course, are Orlando and Oklahoma City.

To determine the most likely scenarios, here’s our reading of the landscape and the tidbits we encountered involving the Rockets, Magic and Thunder in the final stretch leading up to Thursday’s draft.

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Orlando Magic, No. 1 overall

Oklahoma City Thunder, No. 2 overall

Houston Rockets, No. 3 overall

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