5 Major Uses Of Silica Gel Found In New Shoes


It is common when unpacking a new pair of shoes, a bag, or even clothing to get small bags of silica gel that look like sachets of salt. These little packages have a bold ‘DO NOT EAT’ warning and most people end up throwing them away.

Silica gel packs are desiccant, they absorb moisture from the products and protect them from spoiling or damage by water vapor. They contain a desiccant that can absorb water through the packaging.

After shopping at your local grocery store, you’ll likely get some of these silica packs. Rather than just throwing them in the trash, here are some of the surprising uses of these packages;

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Protect your electronics

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The price of electronics such as laptops and cameras is remarkably high and it is wise to protect them against moisture.

Did you accidentally drop your phone into a bucket of water while cleaning? No problem. Packets of silica gel can help absorb the water. Put the phone and the packages in a zip-lock bag for some time to revive it.

While you are storing your electronics, you can add some of these packs to soak up the moisture and humidity. It takes more than just putting the electronics in plastic bags or using saran foil, desiccants like silica gel packs come in handy.

Protect important documents

Personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, legal documents or simply old photos of family members in the house are prone to water damage.

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Keeping them safe with some of these life-saving packs can help preserve precious family memories.

Prevent rust and deposits

Your under-bed toolbox can last a long time without the need for interior repairs, which exposes the tool to rust and tarnish.

Add a few packs to the box to absorb the moisture and humidity and maintain the efficiency of the tool. You can also store your razors in a package to make them last longer.

Keep smell away

As a desiccant, silica gel packs have endless uses in absorbing moisture. If you are a gym enthusiast, you have to deal with a dirty, dirty gym bag every now and then.

Several packs of silica gel can absorb moisture and prevent unpleasant odors. You can also put them in drawers or on the bottom of the trash can before putting the bag in.

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Preserving expensive or unique materials

Leather clothing can be damaged by excessive exposure to moisture, they can cause stains. If you’ve been saving a piece of clothing for a special occasion, it’s safe to put a few packs in the bag to keep the clothes dry.

Despite the important uses of these packs, make sure they are away from children and pets as they can choke on the beads. You can also buy silica gel packs in bulk.

A photo of carts full of supplies as people shop at a supermarket in Nairobi on Friday, March 13, 2020.

Trolleys full of supplies as people shop at a supermarket in Nairobi on Friday, March 13, 2020.




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