Agnipath scheme: AAP chief Sanjay Singh urges PM Modi to cancel new military recruitment scheme


Calling Agnipath’s short-term recruitment scheme into the armed forces a ‘fraud on the nation’s youth’, AAP Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Singh wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday demanding a full rollback from the program. “This plan, which was carried without thinking, will create an appalling situation in the country which the government of the day will have to deal with expending all its energy,” the head of the AAP said in his letter.

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“The BJP government is not only betraying the very principles of India but also rubbing salt on the wounds of the youth; the Agnipath program must be withdrawn immediately,” Singh said in a media interview. The AAP leader also expressed concern in the letter that Agniveers returning after four years of service could be misled due to economic hardship and unemployment.

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“I can also understand that your government has failed miserably to get the economy of the country back on track, so you want to reduce the army pension bill. Through the Agneepath program, you are trying to eliminate the pension of the army personnel,” the AAP chief said in the letter. He demanded that the Agnipath program be canceled as the armed forces are the pride of India.

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