An Uvalde officer was arrested trying to save his wife who was dying in a classroom


A Uvalde school policeman was barred from trying to save his wife, a teacher at Robb Elementary, during May’s deadly shooting.

His wife, fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles, was one of two teachers killed in the attack. Nineteen children also lost their lives.

The officer, Ruben Ruiz, arrived at the school after the 18-year-old gunman walked into Robb Elementary, KSAT reported. Mireles had called Ruiz and told him that she had been shot and was “dying”.

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“And what happened to [Ruiz] is he trying to move forward down the hall,” McCraw said. “He was arrested and they took his gun and escorted him off the premises.”

McCraw also criticized school district police chief Pete Arredondo for his handling of the mass shooting. At least three investigations are currently investigating the law enforcement response.

“Obviously not enough training was given in this situation, plain and simple,” McCraw said of the police chief. “Because terrible decisions were made by the commander on the spot.”

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