Arshi Khan Says ‘I’m Really Scared’ After Knowing Sonali Phogat Was Forced To Use Drugs


BJP leader and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sonali Phogat died Monday night in Goa. It was previously believed that the actress had a massive heart attack. However, according to the latest update from the Goa Police Department, the actress was drugged by her two associates while she was partying in Goa.

Arshi Khan, who was also one of the participants in the Bigg Boss 14 house, has commented on the news. The actress had demanded justice for Sonali. Speaking to ETimes, the actress said: “Not only during Bigg Boss, but also after the show we were there for each other. We had spent a lot of time together. She spoiled me like a mother and often said, ‘Tu umar mein badi hai, harkaton mein nahi’. Whenever I went to shoots, she checked on me. She was very protective of me and my well-being.”

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After watching the viral video showing Sudhir Sangwan taking her out of a restaurant, Arshi said: “We’ve had fewer conversations lately. I’m really scared when I watch the viral video. I’m not sure if it was her. But my inner soul curses the guilty, they cannot escape karma and our law. I feel like I’ve lost someone close to me. I am really disappointed and disturbed. Believe me, she was such a beautiful soul that if they had asked her for money, she would have given it to them easily. Then why kill her? I’m sure there’s a big image behind it and I really pray to God that she gets justice.”

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Meanwhile, Sonali Phogat’s PA Sudhir Sangwan and close aide Sukhwinder Singh admitted that they had given the BJP leader water at a party some time before her death, which made her feel uncomfortable and uneasy at the party. The motive behind Phogat’s alleged murder may be “economic interest”, a senior police official said, adding that the duo had been arrested to “prevent the possibility of destroying evidence and influencing the witnesses”. During the investigation into her death, CCTV footage of the restaurant was examined by the investigating officer and it was found that Sagwan forcibly made Phogat drink “unpleasant chemical” with water from a water bottle. The two men were taken with Phogat to the restaurant’s washroom around 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 23, and the three of them were in the toilet for two hours, he said.

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