Brain-based coaching – An excellent way to grow as an entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs face many challenges and complexities that make it difficult for them to make important business decisions.

Many of these key challenges are not unique and include access to finance, staffing issues, time constraints, increasing brand awareness, scaling up and balancing long-term growth with short-term quality delivery.

Business coaching is an incredibly valuable tool that can help you navigate these and other challenges more effectively.

This is because it provides you with a thoughtful and responsible partner who will help you turn challenges into opportunities, enable positive change and increase the quality of your thinking.

Brain-based coaching

Brain-based coaching is a very effective form of coaching that entrepreneurs should seriously consider.

This approach is based on neuroscience and uses the NeuroLeadership Institute UK’s definition of coaching, which is to facilitate positive change by improving thinking.

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Brain-based coaching achieves this by using clearly articulated and well-structured processes that deliver tangible results.

These outcomes are centered around the client generating a coaching vision, goals, and desired outcomes that they should set and pursue.

Other benefits of brain-based coaching include increased self-awareness, confidence, motivation, productivity, effectiveness, resourcefulness, and resilience.

The importance of agility

As a business owner, the decisions you make are not made in a vacuum, so it’s important to consider how to make the most of your innate human traits and characteristics.

The REACH Leadership Assessment has been conducting global research for more than a decade and has found a way to measure a business leader’s agility.

This includes the ability to adapt to the needs of different people, situations and tasks – all of which are vital if you are to tackle key business challenges.

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By using the REACH Leadership Assessment methodology to track your agility, you will be more self-aware and understand where you need to improve your leadership skills.

Become a great leader

If you want to be a great leader, you need to combine brain-based coaching with tracking your agility.

Embracing both proven methodologies can not only increase and strengthen your own awareness, skills, resilience and growth mindset as an entrepreneur, but also that of your team.

This is because your employees will follow the example you set in running your business.

If you have the right thinking and accountability partner, these methodologies are powerful, thought-provoking tools that encourage creativity in your thinking.

You can formulate a clear business strategy that includes workforce planning, high-quality planning and execution so that you can achieve profitable growth for your business.

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Get brain-based coaching

Soverain is a high-quality coaching and mentoring provider and is led by two top professional coaches:

Karl Landman is a leadership and business coach with the following qualifications:

  • ICF Associate certified coach
  • NeuroLeadership Institute UK Brain-Based Coaching Certificate
  • NeuroLeadership Institute UK Results Certified Coach
  • Gordon Institute of Business Science Professional Business Coaching Certificate

dr. Rean Du Plessis (PhD) is a transformational coach and facilitator, organizational psychologist and accredited REACH consultant.

Both have vast experience coaching entrepreneurs and leaders, and have worked in leadership roles and as entrepreneurs.

You can learn more about Soverain’s business coaching opportunities here.

Soverian reserves the right to limit free orientation meetings based on time available.



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