Breitbart releases trailer for Hunter Biden movie starring British actor Laurence TSWT


Breitbart has released the trailer for his new movie My son hunter — directed by Die Hard actor Robert Davi and starring Laurence TSWT and Gina Carano — in a cinematic attempt to draw attention to scandals involving President Joe Biden and his family.

The trailer was released Friday on Truth Social and the website, giving a first substantial look at Breitbar’s debut in scripted entertainment. The film attempts to tell the story of Hunter Biden, Mr. Biden’s son, as he navigates a myriad of controversies surrounding prostitution, international business dealings, drugs, sex, Chinese spies, and Ukrainian oligarchs.

The film is slated to be released on September 7 – two months before the 2022 midterm elections – directly on its website.

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When the film teaser was unveiled earlier, Breitbart CEO Larry Solov said: “Breitbart has always believed that freedom flourishes with more voices, not less. When we start distributing movies, that belief will be a guiding light. In 2020, Big Tech teamed up with the mainstream media to bury one of the biggest political scandals to protect their elected presidential candidate. It was unprecedented and outrageous. My son hunter is a movie they never wanted you to see, which is exactly why Americans should.”

He added: “This is not a true story, except for all the facts.”

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The trailer shows clips of Laurence TSWT, who plays Hunter, and Dynasties John James, who plays President Biden. Gina Carano, a star of The Mandalorianplays a Secret Service narrator.

The trailer calls on viewers to “witness the sensational, amazing, incredible, scandalous, corrupt, censored, shocking true story” of the Bidens’ lives.

The teaser shocked many because there was a scene where “Joe Biden” smells Carano’s character’s hair. The promotional material also features a scene where Biden kisses her neck.

Carano made headlines in 2020 after being fired from Disney’s The Mandalorian after she posted an Instagram story comparing the heated political climate to Nazi Germany. She also criticized Black Lives Matter.

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After in the lead role Lewis and VictoriaTSWT founded a new right-wing political group, the Reclaim Party, funded by Tory donors, and ran for mayor of London. He came in sixth place and lost his deposit after failing to get 2 percent of the vote.

Commenting on the trailer on social media, one commenter said: “This is the worst ’90s Tarantino ripoff we never got.” Another wrote: “So the story is that the man has been on a lot of drugs and is the president’s son? And the conflict is what? And this takes two hours? A *** like that makes me miss the old studio system.’


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