Codehesion – The South African Android and iOS Application Development Specialists


Cohesion is South Africa’s premier mobile app development company and the perfect partner for all your app development needs.

Founded in 2017 by software architect and IT engineer Hector Beyers, Codehesion offers companies application development solutions and skills tailored to their needs.

As specialists in producing world-class applications for Android and iOS, Codehesion enables companies to:

  • Use Codehesion to run a complete app development project.
  • Use Codehesion’s experts for specific application development needs.
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Codehesion employs only highly qualified software engineers, IT specialists and project managers specialized in the development of mobile applications.

This allows them to build apps and run app development projects faster and with better results than other companies.

Codehesion’s expertise spans all application development categories and includes: project management, front-end development, back-end development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Free consultation

To guide you on how it can support your application development needs, Codehesion offers a free consultation to potential customers.

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This consultation will allow Codehesion to assess the scope of the work, the expected deadlines and the expected costs.

Once the development work is complete, companies then have the option of supporting the finished applications themselves or using Codehesion on a deposit.

Codehesion also offers training for companies that choose to maintain their own applications, to ensure a smooth transition.

Beyers invites companies to contact them for a risk-free consultation – Contact Cohesion here.

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