Commonwealth Games plaque filled with typos makes ‘Brummies stupid’


A Birmingham Commonwealth Games plaque is making ‘Brummies stupid’ as it is littered with eight spelling mistakes.

The information board has been set up for next month’s event and also marks the Queen’s Jubilee – but it’s littered with gaffes.

The decision is written “decision”, the sovereignty is “sovereignty”, the platinum is “Planinum” and the initiative appears as “initative”.

The plaque is in front of Birmingham Town Hall, but features famous city landmarks and historical figures also incorrectly labeled.

Residents said they would laugh at the sign.

Debbie Jones said: “As if the Brummies aren’t ridiculed enough!” and Keira Harris added: “How and why was this allowed to be put in place?

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“We Brummies look stupid. »

He was spotted outside Birmingham Town Hall

Jim Walker – managing director of Commonwealth Walkway who commissioned the plaque – said: ‘We’ll be sorting this out within the next couple of weeks. It’s my fault, I’m trying to do too much, too fast.

Earlier this week it was revealed that high-tech attack drones were to protect the Commonwealth Games amid fears of a revenge attack from Russia.

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It will be the first time the futuristic aircraft – designed to destroy or capture enemy unmanned aerial vehicles – will be used at a major public event in the UK.

Special Forces troops will also be drafted into a massive security crackdown dubbed Operation Unity.

The plaque was created specifically for the Commonwealth Games
The plaque was created specifically for the Commonwealth Games

It comes as MI5 chiefs believe Russian agents may attempt to carry out an assassination, nerve agent attack or cyberattack to disrupt the Games in retaliation for Western arming of Ukraine.

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The Ministry of Defense revealed that up to 1,000 members of the armed forces, including deminers, will be deployed at the sporting event in Birmingham in July and August.

The MoD said: “Defence will provide a range of assistance to support the delivery of the Commonwealth Games.

“This includes the provision of ceremonial assets, advisory teams, explosive ordnance disposal capabilities and counter unmanned aerial systems.”

“In addition, the team has worked constructively with West Midlands Police and will prepare several hundred service personnel to support site security.”

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