Culture, art and nature: planning the perfect summer in Berlin


As the world once again opens up to international travel, Berlin offers activities and sights for everyone, from intrepid pioneers to first-time explorers.

Located in the heart of the North German plain, this milestone in world history straddles the banks of the Spree, offering nature lovers a city of forests, parks, gardens, rivers, canals and lakes. Moreover, summer in Berlin inspires Berliners and visitors alike to get outside and experience the sophisticated interplay of different ecosystems.

Like many epic stories, The Best Berlin Trip has an express start and end. The Airport Express (FEX), to be exact. Get on the right at terminal 1 or 2 of BER airport and quickly arrive at the nearest station to your hotel without having to worry about traffic and parking. Once the adventure is over, the Airport Express (FEX) brings you directly back to take your flight home.

Where to stay

Boutique Hotel Neuer Fritz

From hostels to 5-star hotels (and everything in between), finding accommodation in Berlin is as easy as one, two, three. Are you looking for a hotel in the most central point of the city? Discover the Hotel Neuer Fritz. This peaceful boutique hotel offers unique and sumptuous rooms, including luxury suites with stunning views of the Spree, Museum Island and the TV Tower. Downstairs, have lunch or dinner at the iconic Italofritzen restaurant and have a drink at the cozy cocktail bar. Its real pride is to be “the spirit of the middle” because you can reach any quintessential place in the city in 10 minutes, either on foot or by train. The Boutique Hotel Neuer Fritz revisits the traditional hotel and is the ideal choice for a business, family or city trip.

How to explore

There are many ways to explore the city of freedom.

Stern und Kreisschiffahrt – Boat trips

If your sea legs are itching to get back on the water, the one-hour Stern & Kreis Schifffahrten History Tour welcomes you aboard. Sit on the sun deck or inside the seats and see famous sights and landmarks, from the government district to the House of World Cultures and Bellevue Castle. This awe-inspiring tour takes in the Victory Column, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Nikolai Quarter, and Humboldt Forum, all while floating comfortably along the River Spree.

Berlin Oasis – Berlin Green Bike Tour

Berlin is diverse and full of life and visiting classic sites is just one way to marvel at all the city has to offer. For those looking to discover hidden corners, the quietest green and creative spaces off the beaten track, Oasis of Berlin offers visitors a unique, personal and authentic bike tour with one of the specially trained guides, each of whom has created its own version. of an oasis. Climb aboard your rental wheels and dive into Berlin’s many parks, cruise along waterways, through rather startling and surreal cityscapes that have their own little paradises. Go beyond the history books, beyond the tourist attractions, and into the bits of natural paradise found in this beautiful place.

Things to do

In addition to walking, boat and bike tours, museums, historical sites, restaurants, bars, luxury boutiques and flea markets, Berlin offers special activities for all types of travelers.

Gardens of the World

Gardens of the World (Garden of the Welt) takes you around the world in 22 gardens. Only 45 minutes from the city center by metro, find garden installations designed by international architects, flowers and plants from different countries, art exhibitions and even playgrounds. Spend the day quietly immersing yourself in the marvelous vegetation and architecture or take the cable car and admire the gardens from above. Garden of the Welt also embodies the spirit of summer by hosting different concerts, festivals and other special events.

Summer in Berlin is colorful with other events and things to do as most Berliners and travelers go outdoors. Cool off in one of the iced coffees, beer gardens or beach bars. Enjoy a lazy picnic in one of the parks, lakes or rivers. Make a day of it and hit the clubs, enjoy a delicious meal on a restaurant terrace in the evening or catch a movie at the legendary open-air cinema.

12 seasons

Or have a real culinary experience by visiting 12 Seasons. Opened in 2019, the team behind the curtain decided to embrace the changing flow of nature. Customers can choose between eight, six or four courses, but can always expect pure passion in every plate and course. The natural harvest determines the menu each month, but the kitchen team, led by Kamel Haddad, boldly combines different flavors, ingredients and cooking methods. The start of each “season” is celebrated with a launch party to showcase the new menu, wines and beverages to be offered. The real star of the show is the open kitchen. The restaurant strives to make dining an experience beyond just eating. The arrangement allows all guests to share in the joy and fun of the interaction and have a blast when the music inevitably starts playing.


One of the most important events of this season was SEAPHONY – The Symphony of Life on Planet Ocean, the space installation of sound and light art. Chris Watson, Tony Myatt and Theresa Baumgartner, the creators of the event, curated the site-specific immersive installation to allow guests to experience the richest world of sound, hidden in the depths of the oceans. The sound and light space work was presented at Oceans21 from May 6 to June 8. But, if you miss it, there are still plenty of Berlin summer festivals to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and urban vibe.


After cycling around the city and admiring the natural beauty, eco-travelers and green tourists can take part in the fourth annual GREENTECH Festival. A two-day event with 20 participating countries and 150 exhibitors nestled within Berlin TXL. Attendees can discuss sustainability and green technologies, products and services featured. Highlights of the event include a conference, a climate-neutral concert and the GREEN Awards.

Kultursommer Festival

Culture connoisseurs cannot miss the Kultursommer (Cultural summer). Enjoy 90 days, 90 locations and 90 events, all free and outdoors. Discover not only the diversity of this city, but also the unusual sites chosen to house everything from literary exhibitions to theatrical, musical and dance performances.

Long Night of Museums

Art lovers have their choice of litter with two different festivals. Established in 1997, Long Night of Museums allows visitors to spend the night visiting 75 museums, with shuttles included, and more than 700 events, including exhibitions, installations, talks, culinary delights, and no festival of Berlin wouldn’t be complete without music. The 12th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art focuses primarily on colonialism and its current impact. Organized by Kader Attia, the event will take place until September in five locations filled with historical, political and social symbols.

To visit Berlin is to enter a world that is both old and new, delicious and international, natural and historic, relaxed and fast-paced, never static but constantly changing to adapt to the traveller.

For more things to do in Berlin and hidden gems, head to Visit Berlin.



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