Diary of a 12-year-old Ukrainian refugee soon to be released


NEW YORK (TSWT) — The reflections of a 12-year-old refugee from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be released this fall. Yeva Skalietska’s book is titled “You Don’t Know What War Is: The Diary of a Girl from Ukraine”.

Union Square & Co. will publish its account on October 25.

“Everyone knows what the word ‘war’ means, but hardly anyone knows what that word really stands for,” Skalietska said in a statement released Wednesday. “I want the world to know what we went through.”

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Skalietska’s book begins with her 12th birthday, shortly before the Russians attacked on February 24. She was living in Kharkiv with her grandmother when the shelling started. (Yeva’s parents separated when she was a baby and her grandmother raised her).

“She describes the shelling they suffered while sheltering underground and their desperate journey to western Ukraine. She shares her confusion as to why the Russians would attack them, since she speaks Russian and follows many of their customs,” according to the Union Square ad.

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“After many endless train journeys and a prolonged stay in an overcrowded refugee center in Hungary – because several countries in Europe have refused them entry – Yeva and her beloved grandmother finally find refuge in Dublin. , where she bravely begins to forge a new life, hoping that she ‘will be able to come home to me one day,’ the publisher said.

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Union Square will donate a portion of the proceeds to Ukrainian refugee organizations.


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