Dick Cheney Calls Trump a Coward, ‘Biggest Threat’ to America in New Ad for Daughter Liz’s Campaign


Former Vice President Dick Cheney appeared in an ad for his daughter’s floundering campaign in Wyoming, labeling former President Donald Trump a “coward” and “the greatest threat to the Republic in our nation’s history.”

Liz Cheney trotted out her dad for a new clip revealing that being obsessed with Trump is a family affair. In the ad, Cheney also tries to justify her work on the Jan. 6 committee.

“In the 246-year history of our country, there has never been a person who poses a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump,” said the former vice president.

Hmm… Confederate Army leaders John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama Bin Laden come to mind when considering the hyperbole in that statement.

In a strange addendum, 81-year-old Cheney also continues the theme of attacking Trump’s masculinity.

“He tried to steal the last election with lies and violence to keep himself in power after voters rejected him,” the elder Cheney says, referring to the likely GOP candidate for president in 2024. “He’s a coward. A real man would not lie to his supporters.”

Hey Dick, does Iraq ring a bell?

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Dick Cheney attacks Trump, but will Liz . can’t save

Many Trump supporters view the Dick Cheney campaign ad as an insult to Donald Trump — and it is. But that’s not the real takeaway here.

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In my opinion, this is a clear sign that Liz Cheney (R-WY) is throwing in the towel as she battles a double-digit poll deficit en route to an Aug. 16 primary for the Wyoming seat in the big house.

The ad may have been “paid by Liz Cheney for Wyoming,” but there’s nothing in the ad that would appeal to a voter in Wyoming. She’s not even trying right now.

What does Trump lure about his manhood to your sad, slack campaign, Liz?

Liz Cheney tried the same tactic when she used “Yellowstone” actor Kevin Costner in a recent promo, claiming, “Real men put the country over the party.”

(Costner supported Pete Buttigieg in the 2020 presidential election and voted for Joe Biden. Liz Cheney certainly remains interesting company.)

Yes, and real men and women fight for their morals and beliefs, despite the possibility of hurt feelings. Real men and women remain principled conservatives despite the differences they may have with other principled conservatives.

Not Liz. Liz has drifted so far from her principles that she no longer fights for conservatism or her constituents, she just eats, sleeps and breathes Donald Trump.

You have to wonder if she sits on the end of her bed every night sobbing and sticking needles in a Trump voodoo doll. Unfortunately for her, it won’t save her congressional career if she puts Dad in front of the camera on the 16th.

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Rewriting Dick’s history

About all Liz Cheney could hope for with this ad is to get Democrats to come out and vote for her in the Republican primary, something TSWT addressed in previous coverage.

And yes, Democrats have a new take on Dick Cheney, who they once considered a war criminal and akin to a Nazi. You know, the same way they treated Cheney’s boss, President George W. Bush. The same way they treat Trump now.

But their hatred of Trump is so deep that House Democrats invited the Cheneys to a Jan. 6 soiree anniversary commemoration last January and promptly lined up to shake hands with the oldest.

It’s rather ironic that Dick Cheney disagrees with someone who complains about election integrity. He must have completely forgotten about Al Gore and his efforts to fight the 2000 election results.

After the Bush/Cheney match, Gore refused to accept the free and fair election results and did not admit defeat. Instead, he tied up the electoral process for months through litigation in the courts.

Gore consistently lost his bid to reverse the election results in the lower courts and continued to fight in the Florida Supreme Court.

He wouldn’t give in until mid-December of that year, a month and a half after Election Day. Wasn’t he a threat to the Republic, Dick?

Fast-forwarding two decades and the man who accused Democrats of “stolen” an election is used in a campaign ad for his daughter, who is obsessed with a man who claims his election was “stolen.”

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We really do live in an alternate universe.

Dick Cheney, it should be noted, was widely reviled as an integral figure in the “weapons of mass destruction” intelligence failure that led to a nearly 9-year war in Iraq that cost countless military and civilian lives.

He spied on Americans and brought back torture tactics.

Oh, and he accidentally shot an acquaintance during a quail hunt in 2006.

Is it any wonder he left office with a 13% rating among the American people?

Trump has repeatedly called Liz Cheney and her father “war-mongering” who enjoy “endless, nonsensical, bloody wars.”

“She’s the face of Washington’s swamp and the same foreign policy failures of the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Bidens and the whole sick political establishment,” the former president said recently.

And bringing daddy in as a lifesaver won’t make any difference.

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