First Look: Onia Launches New Campaign and Goes Denim


After conquering the swimwear world with its chic designs and luxurious fabrics, Onia is growing at a breakneck pace. So far this year, it has introduced activewear and denim, and according to Onia co-founder Nathan Romano, that’s just the beginning. He talks about how the company started, why it expanded, and a new campaign that showcases the brand’s new vision.

What prompted you to create Onia?

When we started the company in 2009, there was a void in the market for clean, well-made swimwear. It then trickled down to other travel and resort essentials that you might wear on vacation and while traveling to and from your destination. There was nothing specifically designed for this type of travel and lifestyle, so we knew there was a need here and went for it. We have blended this versatile and technical ideology with a minimalist and classic aesthetic to create a new section of the market.

How would you describe Onia’s way of life?

Onia’s lifestyle is centered around travel with a minimalist approach. We create each item with a purpose and a point of distinction. We create our own exclusive fabrics and prints in-house, which makes Onia unique in the market.

Do you have a specific message you want to share with the world?

At Onia, we truly value mindfulness. From the care and attention we give to our products, to the way we run our business, thoughtfulness, care and longevity are the foundation of everything we do. We have seen this lead to success and we encourage everyone to think and try to live this way. This carries over to our products themselves, as we make them to reuse and keep them for many years.

What difficulties did you encounter when launching Onia?

Resort wear was truly a saturated market, which naturally made it difficult, but we saw a void in the market for quality-focused, minimalist travel beachwear essentials, which led us to create the pack-light, wear-more aspect, which is now part of our brand’s TSWT. We have encouraged our clients to see these same perspectives, to which we have seen them respond very well. You launched several new categories this year, including technical equipment and denim. What motivated this extension?

Onia started out as a swimwear and destination brand and became more lifestyle-focused. People turn to our brand for what to wear all year round. Until last year we tracked the tropical climate, but now we’re looking to focus our brands on all-weather clothing, which you’ll see in fall 2022. Items will range from flannel shirts and lightweight puffer jackets to by cashmere journeys. sets.

Activewear and denim are overcrowded categories. Why enter this space? What differentiates Onia from its competitors?

Both categories embody the travel and technical components of Onia. Denim is more focused on breathable cotton which is perfect for summer and we also plan to introduce breathable linen yarns in future developments. Our activewear is more suited to hybrid aspects and dual functionality, like going from a hike to the beach. As the way we travel changes, our customers are looking for products that they can pack light and carry more.

You have also collaborated with iconic brands, including Liberty London. How did you merge the aesthetics of both companies and retain your identity?

Onia has been working on design collaborations for a long time, the most important being the Liberty of London signature prints. This summer, we have already launched several of our swimwear collaborations. It’s easy to stay true to Onia’s identity by only partnering with brands with the same ethos and attention to detail as us. We are also experts in creating high quality, functional swimwear, so with this core we are able to incorporate more aesthetic collaborations while maintaining brand and product integrity.

Onia swimsuits are known for their fit. Can you talk about the design process and the craftsmanship behind your swimwear?

It all starts with the fabrics. We get fabrics from all over the world and then we start focusing on design. Fabric is everything. It dictates the fit and feel of the season. We are also constantly thinking about ways to simplify products so that they become functional and timeless. There is also a great attention to detail that is true for each of our products. Every part of the design is taken seriously, from trim colors and technical design to printing and production. We check in person at our fabric factories to ensure quality and come up with new ideas to try and see what else we can do. We also check our factories and examine the quality, the original fittings and the buttons. We are always researching and keeping abreast of trends and forecasts.

You launch a new campaign that brings together all of your categories, including new extensions. How did you approach this creatively?

Honestly, the same mindset of quality, classic style and technicality that we used to launch the brand is still very relevant and relevant for these new categories. We were able to reuse the company’s core focus and function in the expansion and stay true to how we started this company. That said, with new categories there is also plenty of room to bring our creativity and personal understanding into the products. Denim, for example, seems very personal to us, because the idea was born from the observation of a lack of summer denim on the market, which led to the decision to develop in this genre in our own way. The Summer Pant jean is made from breathable mid-weight cotton with a classic straight fit. These pants are meant to be worn anywhere, at the beach, at work, or even for lounging thanks to their extra soft fabric.

What are your most popular styles?

For men, The Charles and The Calder have always been best sellers and have been our original silhouettes from the start. With the variety of prints, colors and inseams, they adapt to all customers. Polo shirts are also dominating at the moment – we have started making more technical linen, knit and other more technical types of polo shirts, which will be released later this year. For women, our bikinis and one-pieces have always been very popular. The real standouts are the supportive underwire tops and classic one-pieces, which are available on our website now. All of our cuts are available in a variety of different fabrics, prints and colours, ensuring that everyone will find something to love. We have also seen a huge increase in our pareos and technical equipment.

What has been your pinch moment since starting the brand?

Our collaborations with amazing brands over the years that have continued until now are the “pinch me” moments. We have collaborations with Club Monaco, Theory, Mr. Porter and a variety of other hotels we grew up in and will be releasing soon, including The Standard Hotel and Gurney’s in Montauk.

This interview has been edited for clarity.



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