Fun to Travel: Free Walking Tours – The best travel insider scoops behind Netflix movies and series


Are you related to Europe? This July, get ready for the coolest new walking tours of Paris, Madrid and London that highlight favorite locations featured in many popular Netflix movies and series. This exclusive week-long event, starting the 11th, launches free two-hour experiences led by local English-speaking guides – a fun synergy between screen and street. Get the inside scoop on behind-the-scenes details, while photographing iconic landmarks and landscapes. Netflix has been applauded for its commitment to programming that incorporates passion for travel, dazzling destinations, cultural touchpoints, historical highlights and gastronomic fascinations – which drive tourism, increase interest in envy to travel the world and inspired the creation of these Netflix-themed cities. walks. Check for booking information.

Paris: City of Light, Action, Camera!

To encounter by the pond in the gloriously flowery Jardin du Luxembourg, in front of the Luxembourg Palace, built in 1625. The Oh dear the tour includes locations from Netflix Emily in Paris, Lupine and Notre-Dame: The Part of the Fire. Explore the bustling Latin Quarter, as well as the Notre-Dame Cathedral area of ​​the Île de la Cité, the masterpiece Panthéon (which houses the remains of the notables Marie Curie, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire and Émile Zola) and the picturesque Pont Neuf – the oldest standing bridge over the Seine in Paris.

Madrid: center of film drama

To encounter in the Plaza de España in the center of Madrid. The Revealing Visit Sneaks Into Netflix’s Whereabouts Money theft, Cable Girls, Elite and Valeria productions. Explore Gran Vía (the city’s most famous street), Plaza Callao (the pulse of theatrical and cinematic creativity) and Chueca (a bustling neighborhood full of shops, cafes and nightlife). Learn about Madrid’s fascinating role in cinema during the Roaring 1920s, the Seductive 1950s and the Movida Madrid, a hard-hitting movement from the 1980s.

London: Mecca of spectacular stories

To encounter on the pavement of The Mall opposite Lancaster House, a legendary mansion in the St. James district of London’s West End, for a lively walk that lights up scintillating scenarios from Netflix Anatomy of a Scandal, Enola Holmes, Bridgerton, The crown and Boy Top. Explore Piccadilly Circus (a major roundabout linking blocks of extravagant entertainment and shopping), Leicester Square (full of bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and theatres) and Covent Garden (offering award-winning restaurants, beauty shops, haute couture and theaters galore). Learn more about the UK’s remarkable entertainment industry.



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