Georgia Now Investigating Possible Trump Infringement of Voting Equipment


Georgia’s criminal investigation into possible Trump election crimes has expanded to a possible breach of voting equipment.

the TSWT reported:

Prosecutor investigating whether former President Donald Trump and others tried to illegally interfere in Georgia’s 2020 election is seeking information about the alleged involvement of a Trump ally in breaking into voting equipment in a county about 200 miles away south of its Atlanta office.

The expansion of the investigation points to the latest instance where unauthorized persons appear to have gained access to voting equipment since the 2020 election, primarily in battlefield states lost by Mr Trump. Election experts have expressed concern that sensitive information shared online about the equipment may have revealed vulnerabilities that could be exploited by those seeking to disrupt future elections.

Georgia officials are investigating the same kinds of allegations that are being investigated in Michigan, Colorado, Nevada and Pennsylvania. In each of these states, the Trump campaign is under investigation for possible illegal infringement of voting equipment to obtain voter data.

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Trump is already under criminal investigation in Fulton County, Georgia for possible violations of state election law. If his campaign is found to have illegally violated voting machines and obtained voter data, it opens the door to the second wave of possible prosecutions against the former president and his failed reelection campaign.

The theft of classified documents by the FBI and Trump has pushed the other investigations off the front page, but Trump’s criminal problems in Georgia appear to be getting even worse.

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