German investigators prevent bomb attack in Switzerland



German investigators prevent bomb attack in Switzerland

According to their own statements, German investigators prevented a bomb attack in Switzerland. Two young Swiss wanted to buy explosives in Stuttgart. They were arrested.

German police arrested two Swiss who wanted to buy explosives. (icon image)


Special forces have temporarily arrested two men when they wanted to buy the suspected explosives in Stuttgart, as announced on Thursday by the public prosecutor and the Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office. The Swiss aged 24 and 26 were strongly suspected, it was said in Stuttgart.

Evidence so far suggested the men intended to use the explosives “presumably in a planned crime in a major Swiss city”. So far, however, there is no evidence of a politically motivated background for the planned crime. No other details about the plan were initially given.

The two men have been under investigation since the beginning of the month. The authorities found themselves on their trail thanks to a denunciation and investigation of the so-called Darknet, a hidden and anonymous part of the Internet. According to their own statements, they came across a user who wanted to buy explosives, among other things. Arrest warrants were issued for the men last Tuesday. (dpa/abi)


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