Grandfather ‘Camel’ dodged mirrors as mass ‘with veins’ grew to the size of a cricket ball


A grandfather felt “like a camel” after living with a massive five-inch mass on the back of his neck.

For eight years, loving husband and family man Alan from Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, felt a small abscess swell to the size of a cricket ball.

In Tuesday night’s (June 21) all-new episode of The Bad Skin Clinic, Alan jokes, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s got the biggest bump of them all?

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But looking at himself in the mirror, he admits how his unwanted fat has damaged his self-esteem.

In the show which first aired on Quest Red at 10pm and is now available to stream on Discovery+, Alan says: “It’s a lipoma, a fatty lump. It’s very rare that I look at this ball in the mirror, I don’t like the way it looks.

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Dr. Emma Craythorne inspects Alan’s lipoma

“It’s terrible, full of horrible veins in it. I look like a camel. He just wants to get rid of it.”

Speaking to leading dermatological surgeon Dr Emma Craythorne at her clinic in central London, Alan revealed: ‘It keeps me from going out with the grandchildren.

“It would be nice to take them to places without people looking at you. If that can be sorted, it would be a huge weight on my shoulders!”

After removing her shirt, Dr. Emma puts on her surgical gloves and takes a closer look at the growth. “Okay, jeeps! It’s a decent you’ve grown! It’s a bit dodgy.

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Piece removed
Alan woke up from the procedure with a “weight on his shoulders”

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“It’s just dying to be removed, isn’t it? Look at the veins growing on it! No wonder it’s giving you trouble.”

Fast forward to the day of the operation and Dr. Emma’s colleague, consultant plastic surgeon Alastair Mackenzie Ross, begins the complicated procedure.

With steady hands, he uses his surgical scalpel to cut an incision across the diameter of the mass.

Once the incision is made, he begins to pull the lipoma out from behind Alan’s open flesh, digging his fingers into the skin to loosen it and slowly pull it out.

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Dr Emma Craythorne
Dr Emma Craythorne wrote with the help of surgeon Alastair Mackenzie Ross

Alastair exclaims, “Here’s our lipoma!” It’s promising because I’m able to put my finger in it and swipe quite easily, so I should be able to remove it without too much difficulty. It should come out in one piece.

After some more coaxing, Alastair is able to seat the lipoma outside of Alan’s skin, in order to begin slowly separating it from the back of Alan’s neck.

“It’s big! I’m afraid to drop it!” said the surgeon.

Returning after the operation was completed to find his lump was gone, a delighted Alan revealed: ‘When I woke up I tried to feel where it was, and there was nothing there. -down ! Fantastic!”

Episode 4 of The Bad Skin Clinic’s new series airs tonight at 10 p.m. on Quest Red, or stream on discovery+




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