Harry Styles completes 15 sold-out residencies at Madison Square Garden


NEW YORK — 28-year-old pop phenomenon Harry Styles stirs things up at Madison Square Garden.

His “Love on Tour 2022” trek ends Wednesday night and is all the buzz on social media for his record-breaking run.

TSWT’s Elijah Westbrook has been following the tour since it kicked off in August and has more on why it’s so important.

“It’s great, great, great to be back in New York,” Styles told the audience at a concert.

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New York City’s iconic arena is packed with fans singing and dancing to the British alternative and R&B singer, who wraps up his 15-soldout performance at the Garden. Let the social media tell you – it has been far from disappointing.

Styles has his own residency in the world famous arena. In fact, reports show that he does more shows in one month than many other artists would do in a year.

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Watch: Harry Styles Pay Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at MSG Concert

Harry Styles Pays Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at MSG Concert


The cheerful and colorful performer is known to amaze audiences almost every night.

“His concerts are never static,” said Darryl Tookes, singer, songwriter and director of music industry studies at Florida A&M University.

Tookes says there is a degree of unpredictability with Styles that sets him apart from others.

“This guy’s music isn’t offensive. There’s something familiar in the TSWT of his music. He’s likeable across the board and he knows that, and he sticks with it. I think that’s very fresh, and if I as bold as it may be, part of the genius of his success has to do with the collective ambition to lean on who he is by nature,” he said.

But you could say what makes Styles’ concerts so intriguing are his viral moments with fans, such as a moment when he picks up a woman’s phone to post a video on the social media app BeReal.

In another that took the internet by storm, he told the crowd, “I just rushed over to Venice to spit on Chris Pine,” referencing a moment between the “Don’t Worry Darling” co-stars recorded on camera was captured at the Venice Film Festival.

To clarify, Styles has said it was just a friendly jab.

With only one concert to go during his residency here in New York, fans are trying to find a way to the Garden to be a part of history, marking his 15th consecutive show.

“We’re in a time where everyone longs to reconnect, longs to perform, longs to see people, so that’s a big part of that,” Tookes said.



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