Here are your 4 new ‘Destiny 2’ Arc 3.0 fragments, unlocked after King’s Fall


Last time we had to unlock Solar 3.0 fragments via a weird Destiny 2 community challenge, but this time four seem to have been disabled because they thought they could cause trouble during the King’s Fall raid race, or Bungie just wanted to save something as reward before it was done.

Here are the four new Arc 3.0 fragments, which you still need to unlock at Ikora for 25,000 glimmer each, 100,000 glimmer in total. And yes, that is per character. So start making some money.

Spark of Amplitude – Defeating targets quickly when boosted creates an Orb of Power

This is something you could use to enter a loaded with light build in addition to normal resources like gun kills and super generating orbs. Considering how many times you get boosted in Arc 3.0, these are potentially a lot of orbs.

Spark of Ions – Defeating a shuffled target creates an Ionic trail

This is easily the one I’m most looking forward to on my Warlock build with Fragile Tomb and the Fallen Sunstar helmet. Tomb shrugs off enemies and creates spores on his own, so this looks like many more spores, which are enhanced by Sunstar. Excellent.

Spark of Feedback – Taking melee damage increases your melee damage, +10 resilience

There are a lot of melee-focused builds in Arc 3.0, including the Liar’s Handshake I’m doing on my fighter. This also has the very, very coveted +10 Resilience bonus, the only one in this collection.

Spark of Brilliance – Defeating a blinded target with precision damage causes a blinding explosion, +10 Intellect

This is the one that looks the most to me. I haven’t noticed that many instances where I blind enemies. Shocking enemies is much, much more common. So you blind them and then have to kill them with precision damage to create another blinding explosion. I think that may eventually become shackles, but for now this is the one I’ll probably use the least unless someone comes up with a brilliant way to use it.

Again, these are pricey. You literally can’t even afford to unlock them all on three characters because it’s more than the glittering cap totaling 300K. Throw in some glimmer mods and rearrange yourself. I prefer this method of unlocking after a raid over a random community challenge like last time, which I think was a well-intentioned idea that was kind of pointless in practice.

Looking forward to putting these in my builds today. Thanks World’s First team Elysium for unlocking this one, and congratulations on your three-peat.

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