How a Kenyan Girl Married at 14 Raised Ksh150 Million in Dubai


American philosopher Henry David Thoreau, saying that “success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it”, seems to be the driving force behind Kenyan-born model, Chanel Ayan.

Unveiled as one of the newest cast members in the The Real Housewives of DubaiAyan’s journey to the top has not always been a straight path, stemming from his struggles in a remote Kenyan village.

The beauty entrepreneur has previously opened up about her difficult childhood in the country, noting that her father tried to force her into marriage when she was just 14 years old.

At the age of 18, the long-limbed beauty of Ethiopian and Somali descent moved to Brazil where she began her modeling career before eventually moving to Dubai, known as the ‘City of Gold’. and all that glitters”.

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Kenyan-born supermodel Chanel Ayan in high fashion.


Chanel Ayan

She was thrilled when she was unveiled as one of the international franchise members of the real housewife series noting that she is the first in her village to achieve such a feat.

“I’m the first black model in Dubai. The first person in my village or in my generation to do something really big like this. So I feel so proud!” she noted ecstatically.

During her 18-year stay in Dubai, Ayan found success in modeling and featured in campaigns for luxury brands such as Valentino and Cartier.

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After dabbling in the industry for over 22 years, the model dipped her toes into the entrepreneurial hotbed where she founded her own talent agency and created a cosmetics line, Ayan by Toni Malt and Ayan Skin.

Today, his net worth is between Ksh 117 million and Ksh 176 million.

“My style is as big as my personality: outrageous. I bring drama with my fashion. I show a lot of things. I sometimes show simplicity, but honestly, I’m not a very simple person. I am not a basic person. I am definitely one of a kind.

“Like someone you’ll only see in this life. I like people to see me like that because I’ve never been the kind of person who likes to fit in. I’m the kind of person who likes live my life the way I want to live it,” she revealed in a past interview with Daily Women’s Clothingan American fashion store.

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Her entry into the modeling industry was made possible after she was ‘approached by a guy who said, ‘Hey, you can model.'” A challenge she took on and has been rewarding for ever since. .

She is married to Luca Salves whom she met in Brazil and the two are blessed with a 14 year old son. Lucas is an artist and model from Idaho in the United States.

Kenyan-born model Chanel Ayan (left) and Real Housewives franchise creator Andy Cohen.

Kenyan-born model Chanel Ayan (left) and Real Housewives franchise creator Andy Cohen.


Chanel Ayan


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