I run elite adult club Snctm – this is why we turned down some celebrities


IT IS the world’s most elite sex club, where guests see their wildest fantasies come true and have the night of their lives, bodies entwined and champagne flowing until the early hours.

But running Snctm, which has seen A-list stars and the super-rich attend its soirees, isn’t just a sexy hobby, according to the club’s director.


The “SNCTM” events are held in opulent homes and hotels in LA and New York, among othersCredit: SNCTM
Director Artés says they've turned down certain celebrities - and some have asked for illegal services


Director Artés says they’ve turned down certain celebrities – and some have asked for illegal servicesCredit: SNCTM/Daniel D’Ottavio

In an exclusive interview with The US Sun, Robert Artés talks about what it’s like to be a celebrity secret keeper and how not all stars who sign up for Snctm get access.

He says he’s also turned down some extremely troubling requests from celebrity guests, revealing: “We’ve been asked to procure women, to provide sexual services. We’re not doing that.

“We will handle the requests of our guests within the limits of the law. Our artists are prohibited from having sexual contact with guests.

“Anyone, celebrity or not, who expects illegal services will be rejected.

“We are an event for highly qualified, sexually open, consenting adults. We will not break the law.”

Artés, who has worked for the club since 2019, said his first experience was as a guest and recalls: “Years ago, a partner I saw told me about Snctm and suggested we join them.

“I looked at it and I thought, this sounds wild. This wasn’t the world I lived in. But it more than piqued my interest.

“The first time I came across a Snctm masquerade, I was amazed. I didn’t know things like this really existed.

“I didn’t know I liked performing in front of an audience. I did. I joined shortly after.”

He now oversees the entire organization, which was first founded by Damon Lawner in 2013 in Beverly Hills, including the executive team, membership director and creative director.

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“Everything from finance to brand strategy is my responsibility, although we strategize a lot collectively,” said Artés.

“We have a phenomenal team. Only then can we do what we do at such a high level.”

He says membership can cost between $12,500 and $50,000 a year, while approved non-member couples can attend an event starting at $2,500 per ticket.

“Only our Aurum tier members and above can attend an event as a single gentleman,” Artés revealed, emphasizing that this includes celebrities who want to explore at the parties.

The club has strict criteria when it comes to membership, and executives weigh a number of factors, including professional status, reputation, aesthetics and what they are looking for.

“If an applicant passes the initial assessment, they will be interviewed by our Membership Director,” he says.

“At this stage of the process, we’re trying to get to know them a little bit and get an idea of ​​how they might behave.

“For the success of our parties it is very important that we have the right mix of people.

“We’re trying to balance the list. We’ll have executives, we’ll have performers, we’ll have actors and athletes. Balance is key.

“Our events have momentum and it’s extremely important that we have the right guests to achieve that.


“If an applicant is known in the public sphere, we may know the answer to some of our questions.

“But the requirements remain the same, and we have no choice but
to be strict with them. We turned down celebrities we didn’t think were suitable.”

Whether it’s their looks, their reputation or their inability to be undiscreet, he says certain stars have even been told a firm no when applying for membership.

When asked what details they should reveal, he said, “Honest, thoughtful answers to our questions,” including their fantasies and what they hope to gain from attending parties.

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“We don’t need very personal disclosures and applicants are encouraged to answer only on their comfort level, but it’s important to us that we see it being approached seriously.

“As part of the application process, we ask that individuals submit clear, recent photos. Applicants are not asked to submit nude or revealing photos.”

Applicants requiring the greatest degree of discretion, including A-listers, may forgo the application and be interviewed directly by SNCTM, for a fee of $500.

The hedonistic stars who manage to secure coveted membership access to the kinky community often ask to bring the party to them.

Stars including Gwyneth Paltrow have supported the club in the past, according to reports.

Asked if they’ve had any demands from celebrities that aren’t illegal, Artés admitted: “Extraordinary requests. Some we can grant, others we must refuse.

“We have produced private events on yachts, private jets and even castles on the other side of the world.

“We strive to meet the expectations of our members no matter how high we have to reach.”


A previous founding member, nicknamed Bunnyman, was reportedly evicted from Snctm, but Artés insists: “That scandal predates the current ownership and management of the club.

“I can say that the current property will not tolerate any misconduct or drama.”

He claims the majority of people asked to leave are intoxicated, saying: “Due to the nature of our events, we have zero tolerance for excessive intoxication.

“Any unconsensual touch would banish a member, rude behavior can get a warning, if minor.

“[But] forbidding us to return a guest is not a gross violation. If they are a net negative for our atmosphere,
don’t inform them, we don’t hear their case, we just don’t let them return.”

The director added firmly: “You cannot openly display or use drugs at our events.”

Parties often take place from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. in lavish venues, including mansions and hotel penthouses, and male guests are asked to wear smart tuxedos, while women opt for dresses and lingerie.

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Exotic performers tease the crowd and interact sexually in different rooms during each event, often serenaded by live musicians.

When asked how many paying members they currently have, Artés said: “We can’t disclose this [but] I will say that the rate at which we are reaching new members continues to grow and has accelerated significantly since we came back from our COVID hiatus.

“The membership director and general manager are the only employees who have access to membership information. All employees have signed nondisclosure agreements.


“Most of our members are known in their field. At each event there will be a number of members with well-known names and recognizable faces. They tend to leave their masks on.”

Artés says his job is to fly between their parties in Los Angeles, New York and other major cities, but he doesn’t interact with the guests, while artists also just interact with each other.

“I attend every event. They have evolved considerably over the years,” he said. “They are now significantly more lavish than in the past. In my opinion, we are currently hosting the best events we have ever done.

“Someone should join Snctm if they want to experience the carnal fruits of this world at an unparalleled level.

“If you value elegance, luxury, openness to new experiences and have a penchant for hedonism, then you may belong here.

“Our future is exciting. We are expanding, we are constantly striving to reach new heights.

“We believe in this club and what it stands for. This message of erotic freedom. We have the right people in the right roles to become something that is so much more than our masquerades.”

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“Right now we are at the top of erotic event organizations. This is an area that is becoming more and more mainstream. We are on the brink of adoption as social mores change.”

He added: “We are excited about the future and we have work to do.”

Erotic performers tease guests at Snctm events that members pay thousands to attend


Erotic performers tease guests at Snctm events that members pay thousands to attendCredit: SNCTM
Employees say the parties are now 'considerably more lavish' than in the past


Employees say the parties are now ‘considerably more lavish’ than in the pastCredit: SNCTM
The parties often attract A-listers and the super rich, but even some stars are turned down


The parties often attract A-listers and the super rich, but even some stars are turned down



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