ICICI Lombard launches professional indemnity insurance for doctors


ICICI Lombard has launched professional indemnity insurance for doctors. This new offering covers all specializations, provides instant policy issuance and is equipped with transparent and competitive pricing, a hassle-free claims process and a legal advice service in the event of a claim.

As professionals, doctors are vulnerable to human error for which they can be held responsible by the patients’ relatives. As a solution to situations of this nature, this policy has been designed to provide support to medical practitioners against the extent of the various human errors that can occur when providing professional services to patients.

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Speaking on the same subject, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director of ICICI Lombard, said, “Doctors and healthcare professionals are subject to uncertainty and risk as they are on the front lines of saving lives. Error, omission or sometimes involuntary negligence are an integral part of their professional life. Any injured party has the right to claim damages for medical negligence against them. In such cases, our professional liability insurance protects doctors against all professional risks such as legal defense costs, compensation claims, injuries among others, as well as against invalid claims. As a company, we are committed to protecting the interests and providing the best financial and legal security to medical practitioners, because they truly deserve the same.

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Professional Civil Liability insurance supports doctors legally and financially in the event of a dispute. The main features of this offer include coverage against legal liabilities such as defense costs incurred during the investigation, representation costs and compensation for claims arising from personal injury or death caused by error, omission and negligence.

It will also provide coverage against invalid claims where there is no fault of the practitioner by covering legal fees and settlement compensation payable against claims awarded by the court, or where there are allegations of malpractice. medical and legal action due to a breach of confidentiality. allegations.

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Doctors strive to do their best when it comes to saving lives. However, there are uncertainties that can jeopardize their work. Professional liability insurance for doctors in the SME category is an innovative offer from this leading general insurance company and continues to show their commitment to offer an exceptional experience for their customers.



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