Importing Jelly Hides is a throwback to barbarism


animal cruelty

Kill, drown, gas: importing smoke pellets is a return to barbarism!

With the yes to the import of fur jelly, the Council of States has confirmed a characteristic characteristic of Switzerland: the double standard

From a mink farm in China.


We love animals, not just on the plate. According to statistics, one in three Swiss households cannot be happy without a cat; in every eighth apartment lives a person with a dog. In Western Europe, zoos are the most populated and visited institutions, regardless of age and social background.

Even though there is no love of animals behind animal husbandry, but the pure idea of ​​profit – in the case of so-called meat production, for example – everyone in this country is d agreement: if the sensation of pain, sentient beings must die for our needs, we must ensure that their suffering is kept to a minimum. Prohibition of excessively long transport of slaughter animals, security guards in local slaughterhouses, why not?

Animal love transcends common sense

Behind the apartment door, local animal love flourishes: the bubble bath for Waldi, the muesli toy for the cat, the vegan chew stick made from wild berries with deer aroma for both. Our siren is pampered like in other cultures the priest of the temple. Even if we know that the animal prefers to frolic in the garden than to be touched by the hand of a child.

Anyone who raises an animal racks their brains for its well-being. He invests horrible amounts of money in absurd things that we think will bring joy to our friends. Hardly any other country spends as much per capita on its furry friends as the masters and mistresses of Swiss four-legged friends, fur bundles and the like. But we’re not just wasting money when it comes to our pets.

The Swiss heart is fundamentally weak towards the battered and homeless creature: animal shelters keep waiting lists for voluntary pets, and anyone who wants to walk a shelter dog is only accepted if they can show a flawless record.

Part-time pet sitting is the new lawn mowing on the internet. And there are even serious voices calling for some sort of nursing home for exhausted dairy cows. Friends of disinterested people should spend their old age among Butterblüemli. Animal welfare is more important to us than common sense. So true, so beautiful. In Swiss.

Caged hens no, caged martens yes

When it comes to animal love, we are world champions. And so do we when it comes to double standards. The Council of States has spoken: it wants Switzerland to continue to be authorized to import smoked fur. This means: Here your own cat, hamster, mermaid, dog, loved and pampered like a family sanctuary. There, far from Europe, millions of minks, foxes, raccoon dogs whose suffering leaves us cold. Switzerland has banned battery chickens since 1992. But on breeding farms, millions of furry animals live in cages far more gruesome than the horrors our laying hens have endured.

How can we look away from the animal suffering that cries out to the sky? How do we allow animals to be gassed, poisoned, beaten or drowned for fashionable pranks? And we know by pictures what they will be, and how they will be. The description of the atrocities could be endless: for the so-called “Persians”, the lambs are “earned” by deliberately giving birth prematurely. Foxes are killed in the Chinese fur industry by inserting electrodes into their anus and mouth. China “produces” fur cheaper than fake fur. Who pays the bill? The animal that has no voice. None we want to hear.

I don’t know what the members of the Council of States who rejected the proposal are doing. Are you going to treat your dog or cat tonight to a double serving of food and petting to make him feel better? Will they feed the ducks and swans to relieve them? I don’t know, but one thing is clear: no animal is as selfish as man.


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