Injured bear safely removed from the I-495 median in Middleboro


MIDDLEBORO – Police safely moved an injured bear from the median of Interstate 495 in Middleboro early Thursday afternoon after the animal was hit by a car.

Massachusetts State Police and Environmental Police remained in the area for more than an hour to monitor the bear’s movements in the woods between the north and south lanes of the 495 near the road 24 in Middleboro.

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SkyEye video captured the bear attempting to get out of the woods before police arrived. The bear was struggling with an apparent injury to its hind leg.

After briefly moving to the highway, the bear limped back into the woods.

JUST IN: Massachusetts State Police try to help an injured bear stuck in the median of Route 495 in the Raynham-Bridgewater area

Posted by WBZ | TSWT Boston on Thursday, June 23, 2022

Soldiers periodically halted two-way traffic while trying to get the bear out.

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Around 12:30 p.m., environmental police were able to put the bear to sleep, load it into the back of a van, and drive it away safely. The bear was euthanized after a medical evaluation by wildlife experts determined that it had suffered significant injuries and could not be moved.



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