Joburg’s camera surveillance network expands


The Community Active Protection (CAP) initiative, a non-profit security program that protects Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, has partnered with Vumacam to expand the latter’s surveillance network.

CAP says it works with SAPS to fight crime by apprehending criminals all over Johannesburg.

“The Vumacam platform has grown from humble beginnings to an extremely powerful tool, and we are grateful to be able to leverage it,” said Sean Jammy, COO of CAP. “While isolated CCTV is not a magic bullet, as part of a larger intelligence-driven operation, we have seen tremendous benefits using Vumacam.”

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CAP said it is committed to partnering with Vumacam to launch a SafeCity initiative which will see Vumacam activate 1,850 additional cameras in the city, of which 350 new cameras will be installed in previously unprotected areas. This will instantly energize and accelerate the current COJ network from August 1, 2022.

The SafeCity initiative will also provide CAP with access to the full Vumacam camera network, meaning CAP will now have access to more than 6,000 cameras to help with crime prevention and investigation, he said.

“The SafeCity initiative means you and your loved ones can enjoy extra safety on the streets in your neighborhood, cycle through parks and green spaces without worrying about a thing, and provide safety so everyone can get away from it all. to and from home safely,” Sayid Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam.

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“The 350 new cameras will be installed in unprotected areas such as Soweto, Alexandra and Diepsloot and known crime hotspots. It will improve collaboration between the private and public sectors by connecting SAPS and CAP through the Eyes and Ears (E2) fusion center which will monitor escalated alerts and deploy SAPS resources where they are needed most.

In March, Vumacam began deploying its CCTV technology in the town of eThekwini.

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“The rollout will eventually see monitoring infrastructure installed in all areas of eThekwini, with the first phase consisting of 115 poles commissioned at critical locations identified with the collaboration of eThekwini Municipality, Disaster Management Center , SAPS and metro police,” he said. .

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