Kate Hudson on Summer Skincare Secrets, Shifting to Clean Beauty and Creating Higher Frequency


It was late at night in Manila and early morning EST when a call to Kate Hudson was made. Despite the hour, the 42-year-old actress was bright and cheerful. Even on the phone, you could feel the Golden Globe winner was living to the fullest, especially in recent months. “I love a good beauty story,” she joked, “I should be a beauty blogger.” It’s been 15 years since Kate made this shift to clean beauty, and the journey has revealed more reasons to live high.

Since October, Kate has been spending more time in the studio. She revealed that the post-pandemic accomplishments inspired her to pursue passions that have long been on the shelf. “I’ve decided, I’m finally going to do this,” said the actress who brought Penny Lane to life in the hit 2000 film, Almost known. “I have always loved music. During COVID, the fragility of life dawned on me and I started to ask myself: what am I doing? That’s when Kate started working on her music and “doing things that make people feel good”.

Moving slowly to clean beauty

It was also around the same time that Kate started working with Beauty Juice Founder Karen Behnke to create a clean beauty product that “makes things better.” She recalls, “Karen was instrumental in getting me into the clean beauty space. After our first meeting, I immediately started detoxifying my beauty department. The change was gradual, the actress recalls, and it opened her eyes to a whole world of authentic, earth-based ingredients.

“When I started my clean beauty journey, I started by looking at the ingredients. I’m not an extremist, so I started with the basics, avoiding products with parabens and other chemicals. toxic,” Kate shared. “Juice Beauty’s products have become her go-to for organic skincare formulations that deliver on their promises.”I’ve noticed better results on my skin,” she observed. Choosing clean products, Kate had a preference for oil-based cleansers and moisturizers, and she also began to explore serums, mixing them into cocktails for the skin to suit her needs.

It was only a matter of time before Kate also launched her own clean hair line. “It didn’t work out the way it could have,” she remarks. In 2021, Kate also revealed a new range of herbal supplements called In bloom. “I have always believed in the importance of healthy eating, replenishing the body and receiving good things from the earth,” said the wellness enthusiast and self-care advocate.

A collaboration with a clean beauty pioneer

Since Karen and Kate met 15 years ago, the two have bonded over a shared passion for wellness, environmentalism and clean beauty. It took a long time to see the birth of Kate Hudson X Juice Beauty Acacia & Rose Powder Revitalizing Mask. Kate enthuses: “It’s exciting to finally be able to create this product together, and not just another mask. It is exceptional and you can see the results instantly.

Natural ingredients such as antioxidant-rich acacia powder, rose petal phytopigment powder, organic aloe, and organic olive leaf are handpicked to provide optimal results. Kate, who partnered with Juice Beauty in the creation of the brand’s cocktail concentrates, adds: “Depending on my skin’s needs that day, I like to add a few drops of the concentrate to my mask for hydration.

The Acacia and Rose Powder Conditioning Mask is customizable so users can create the consistency that works best for them. As an artist constantly on the go, Kate shared that this formula made her job easier. “I don’t check my luggage, so having it in power form makes it more convenient. The formula was also specifically created to clarify and hydrate at the same time. The clinics are amazing!

With TV, film and red carpet appearances filling most of her days, Kate shares an insider beauty tip for staying perpetually camera-ready: “On the days I need a helping hand, I apply a thin layer of mask and leave it on for three to five minutes. Rinse, then apply serum and makeup.

Summer beauty tips from a summer goddess

Certainly, Kate is a summer person. “I like the energy of the sun,” she professes. “There is always something about summer that makes me dizzy. This is the moment when I recharge my batteries and free myself. For 15 years, Kate has been spending her summers in Greece. “It’s a place where I feel connected.”

Her diet is rooted in self-love and feeling good about yourself. “Eat healthy, hydrate often,” prescribes the ageless actor. She also sets aside time for infrared sauna sessions, cold dives and Ayurvedic-inspired dry brushing. “It’s always about connecting with yourself, feeling good and strong,” she emphasized.

Kate Hudson’s summer beauty essentials

Sunscreen: Juice Beauty’s SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer-BB

“I don’t burn in the sun but I am vigilant about sun protection.”

Multi-purpose balm: Egyptian Magic Multipurpose Cream

“I use it for my kids, my lips, my hair, my eyes. It’s really magical.”

Hide: Kate Hudson and Juice Beauty Acacia & Rose Powder Revitalizing Mask

“Clarifies and hydrates. It is easy to take on a trip and customizable.

Serums: The Hydrating Glow Concentrate by Kate Hudson and Juice Beauty

“I change my serums all the time, depending on my body’s needs. In the summer, it’s usually about hydration and age defiance.

Corrector: Monika Blunder Beauty Blunder Cover

“It’s so easy to use and build.”

Mascara: Serge Lutens waterproof mascara

“I love a good, clean lash. Always on the lookout for mascaras that deliver just that.

Lips and cheeks:

“I usually like to use the chunky pencils that work as both cheek and lip tint. My favorite summer shades are berries and reds.



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