Keith Olbermann asks Supreme Court to be dissolved after gun ruling


Keith Olbermann suggested that states ignore the Supreme Court’s hidden postponement decision because the court has no enforcement mechanism.

Olbermann tweeted:

It is possible for states to ignore the Court’s decision because the power of the Supreme Court is inherent. It only has power because we agree that its decisions are binding. The Supreme Court has no way to enforce its rulings, and if New York decided to ignore the court and continue to enforce its concealed carry law, the six Republican justices could do nothing about it.

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Ignoring the court would delegitimize it the same way Donald Trump tried to delegitimize Congress by trying to get Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election.

Once states ignore the Supreme Court ruling, the United States is no longer a nation of laws.

Could states effectively dissolve the Supreme Court by ignoring it?

The consequences of such actions would be far-reaching and should be carefully considered as the impact could be the destruction of the constitutional system of governance, but Supreme Court reform should be on the table.


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