Kellyanne Conway says Americans will think of Biden every time they pay for gas


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Kellyanne Conway and former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus joined ‘Hannity’ to discuss the impact Biden’s gas tax would have on Americans at the pumps and handling the economy by the president.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: Biden is basically the Grinch who stole your summer. Everywhere you look people are going to pay more for a relaxing summer vacation, Sean prices are up, certainly gas for your own car, but rental car prices are up, accommodation and hotels are on the rise. So however you want to travel this summer with your family or with your friend, you will be thinking of Joe Biden. And that’s why I also believe that these elitist pundits on other networks are actually making their 2022 version of deplorable and irremediable.

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Usually they wait until fall to tell them they are mountain curators what is good for us, they always know what is good for us and what is best for us. And now they play the role of we are what’s best for you. We tell you gas prices are just a diversion, because if you vote Republican you’ll get this list of horribles. The thing is, people know what they see, and Joe Biden is saying two things, when he says I’m going to give you peanuts back, pennies on the dollar back, people just shrug their shoulders.

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Second, when the President of the United States tells us it’s the Russian President’s fault, and he’s doing everything he can, they know that’s not true because we had price l a third of what they were not so long ago. People know it’s a 4 letter word, it’s a matter of willpower. But everywhere you look, plane tickets, train tickets, rental cars, gas in your own car, accommodation, people will pay more, and so you’re going to see the return of the cation of stay courtesy of Joe Biden.

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