Lily Allen’s Dad Responds To Her Claim He ‘Couldn’t Channel His Comedy Gifts Into A Career’


Actor Keith Allen fired back at his daughter Lily Allen after she claimed he was unable to “channel his comedic gifts into a successful career”.

The couple has endured a rocky relationship and neither is afraid to talk about it.

But things got extra heated after the “Smile” singer opened up about her estrangement from him in an interview last year.

Lily called her father a “self-saboteur” and took a stab at his career in her 2018 memoir, “My Thoughts Exactly.”

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Now Keith has responded to his daughter’s choice of words.

“That’s true, yes,” he told The Guardian. “I couldn’t channel anything. You could say I wasted many years. You could also say I had a great time.

“I was up for a lot of things in the beginning. I hosted one of the first ‘yoof TV’ shows. I was one of the first artists in the Comedy Store.”

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Pictured in 2008, Lily and Keith have had a strained relationship over the years.
Pictured in 2008, Lily and Keith have had a strained relationship over the years.

In her book, Lily claimed that her father suffered a “cocaine-induced heart attack” at Glastonbury at age 14.

But her sharing that particular tidbit with the world didn’t sit well with Keith, who later claimed his heart attack was caused by “acute food poisoning.”

Keith Allen responded to his daughter's choice words.
Keith Allen responded to his daughter’s choice words.

The singer has been open about her tense relationship with her father, having previously said in 2015 that her father was “walking along”.

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“My dad left me when I was four, I’m tired of this,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “My dad was with Latitude when I was the headliner and didn’t even come up to me. I’ve probably spent more time walking my dogs all my life than my dad.”



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