Mall of America lockdown lifted after shots were fired: Police


Shoppers were sent to the Mall of America on Thursday to get to safety after police said shots had been fired at the mall in Minnesota.

Police responded Thursday night to an “active incident” on the northwest side of the mall, the Bloomington Police Department tweetedsaying at the time that “numerous agents are on the scene.”

Within an hour, police said officers… secured the scene. A suspect has not yet been arrested and no injuries have been reported, police said.

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is closed August 4, 2022.

Swimming pool via TSWT News

Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges said at a news conference that shots were fired near the Nike store and officers were on the scene within 30 seconds.

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“After watching the video, we see two groups arguing at the checkout of the Nike store,” Hodges said. “One of the groups left, but instead of walking away, they decided to show a complete disrespect for human life – they decided to fire multiple shots at a shop full of people.”

Those responsible have not yet been found, the chief said.

“This is an isolated incident,” the department said Twitter. “The suspect fled the MOA on foot and officers are in the process of hearing witnesses.”

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America’s Mall alarmed via Twitter that it was in lockdown “following a confirmed isolated incident” in one of its tenant spaces.

Footage of shoppers shows people hiding, including a large crowd in the basement of the mall.

The lockdown is now cancelled. Shoppers on the second floor of the mall were asked to wait for an escort, while everyone else was advised to leave.

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The mall is closed for the rest of the evening.

The mall is located in Bloomington, a suburb of the Twin Cities.


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