Michael Cohen: New York’s Trump lawsuit news makes all its ‘pain and anger’ worth it


Former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen on Wednesday cheered New York Attorney General Letitia James’ announcement that she had filed a civil lawsuit against the former president and his three eldest children for alleged tax fraud.

“I want to personally thank you [James] for acknowledging my participation and assisting in accountability to the Mandarin Mussolini!” Cohen tweeted. “My journey to the truth is filled with sadness, pain and anger. Today’s announcement makes it [all] worth the effort!!!”

“Mr. Trump and his allies can say these sentences are too harsh or that this is part of a witch hunt,” she said. “I will remind everyone that this investigation only began after Michael Cohen, his former attorney, before Congress. had testified and shed light on this misconduct.”

Her office also refers federal prosecutors and the Internal Revenue Service as they believe the Trumps have broken federal law.

He said Trump exaggerated his wealth when it served his purposes and also deflated asset values ​​to lower his property taxes.

Cohen spent time in prison after pleading guilty in 2018 to tax crimes, fraud, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. Trump has not been affected by the arrangement.

Cohen has since been scorched by his former boss, routinely speaking out against him and collaborating with various authorities investigating the misconduct of the former president and his family.



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