Mindy Kaling says ‘Sex Lives of College Girls’ will address the status of Roe v. wade


Mindy Kaling speaks The sex life of college girls and I have never. (Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Early Warning Services, LLC)

The Women of Essex College, Place of The sex life of college girlswould certainly be aware of the changing status of Roe v. Wade.

“Especially the character of Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet), who came to Essex because she wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice. She literally said she wanted to be like the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” said the show co-creator Mindy Kaling to Yahoo Entertainment on Wednesday. , days before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, cutting off access to safe abortions for millions of American women. “I think especially on this campus, which is a really big mix, like, you know, of ideologies and stuff, I think that’s something they talk about.”

From left to right, Reneé Rapp, Alyah Chanelle Scott, Pauline Chalamet and Amrit Kaur star in

From left to right, Reneé Rapp, Alyah Chanelle Scott, Pauline Chalamet and Amrit Kaur star in “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” (Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max)

Kaling, who also co-wrote and executive produced the first season of the HBO Max comedy, promised the show won’t be too heavy on the subject when it returns. Viewers should expect the show to address the topic as it has tackled controversial issues before – with humor.

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“Obviously we try to treat the political stuff with the patina of comedy… just to make it more enjoyable, but I think those are things that we talk about all the time in the room,” Kaling said during a event in Los Angeles. to promote its partnership with the Zelle mobile payment platform. “I mean, the first season, we’ve dealt with Title IX stuff, we’ve dealt with sexual assault, we’ve dealt with characters who come out in hostile environments. So that’s something that’s really close to our hearts and , again, doing it in comedy, I think, is the most effective way to pass points.”

The idea, she added, is to follow the lead of stand-up comedians and get your point across without making people feel like you’re being preached to.

While the show has yet to announce a release date for its second season, Kaling dropped a photo of the cast – Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp and Alyah Chanelle Scott – and crew at a table read in April.

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She promised that the second part of the women’s adventures on campus would show them starting to become self-sufficient as they adjust to their still-new world.

“The most important thing about this season, I would say, is that the girls came in the first season, for the most part, they were so innocent. And they came from their specific worlds, they had a sense of what college was gonna be like, and the whole first season was like constantly throwing them in the wringer of, no, that’s not what you thought at all. What you thought was gonna happen isn’t gonna happen to you “said Kaling. “And so this season is kind of about them… they’ve got like a shrewd energy to them, as we go into the second half of year one. They’re not cynical or anything, but they’re definitely more used to what college is like. They’re not as naive, especially Kimberly.

One of Kaling’s other TV projects, Netflix’s I have never, which is loosely based on his own early life, is set in high school, so it’s slated to end after four seasons. When asked, however, Kaling said she would also be interested in taking this show to college.

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“I mean, I love the character [Devi]and, you know, we love working with [lead actress] Maitreyi [Ramakrishnan], so I would love to see this character in college,” she said. “I don’t know what Netflix’s plans are. Maybe she can go to college [The Sex Lives of College Girls] and it can be a great crossover. It would be easy for me. But I’d love to see what this character does for the rest of his life, so anytime Netflix wants to see this character again, I’d happily revisit his life.”

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan plays in

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan stars in “I’ve Never Done It”. (Photo: Everett Collection)

First, the third and fourth seasons are to be released; the third premieres on August 12.

“I’m actually writing the finale now, the series finale, because we’re shooting season 4,” Kaling said. “We’re finishing this soon. And I think where the characters started from, this character Devi, who’s going through so much heartache, who doesn’t want to deal with it, only wants to have a boyfriend, only wants to lose her virginity… where she is four years later, this season is all about growing up because she’s gonna go off to college and, you know, accept some of her more immature things, so she can go and face the That’s what we’ve been talking about a lot, [with] this last batch of episodes.”


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