Mystery of ‘adult & teen rotting bodies’ discovered on holiday island


MYSTERY surrounds the rotting bodies of an adult and a teenager who were found floating off the coast of a popular vacation island.

The grim discovery was made by a tourist who saw two white bags in the water.


The bodies were found in Kato Koufonisi, GreeceCredit: Getty

The Italian man who was the captain of a passing yacht saw the two bags on Fykio beach on Koufonisi island in Greece.

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He immediately alerted the authorities and Greek Coast Guard agents rushed to the scene.

Officials brought the remains to the coast and took them to hospital in Naxos, local media reported.

The hospital’s medical director, Vassilis Raptakis, claimed the bodies belonged to an adult and a teenager believed to have been dead for more than a year.

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Both bodies had decayed so badly that they were mostly skeletons.

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It is not yet known whether the bodies belong to a man or a woman.

They had disintegrated so far that at first it was not clear whether they belonged to a human or an animal.

The skeletal remains will be handed over to the Piraeus Forensic Service for autopsy.

In June, a woman was arrested following the discovery of “possible” human remains under a home in Louisiana.

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And the discovery of human remains in a Nevada lake has sparked mystery after three bodies were found in 12 weeks.

Skeletal remains found at a construction site 15 years ago were finally identified, solving a decades-long mystery.


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