Nightclubs in UK holiday hotspots in Spain face closure due to lack of ICE


NIGHTCLUBS in UK holiday hotspots in Spain face closure due to lack of ice.

Desperate bar and restaurant owners rush to stock up on ice cream after some stores began restricting the number of bags sold to customers.


Desperate bar and restaurant owners rush to stock up on ice cream – after some stores restricted the number of bags sold to customersCredit: Getty

And a club manager in Palma has said he may have to close his nightspots if the problem persists.

Jose Perez, who runs Grupo Palma Ocio, which operates two nightclubs in the Majorcan capital, Templo Palma and Backstage, as well as a bar and restaurants, told the island newspaper Ultima Hora: “We’ve been fighting for ice cream for the past 10 days.

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“If we don’t have ice, we can’t sell drinks with liquor in them, and if that happens, we can’t open.”

The supply problem is attributed to high electricity prices in April and May, which reduced ice storage, combined with high spring temperatures that boosted demand.

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Manuel Espinar, the president of the Regional Confederation Conhostur of the Valencian Community Hospitality, said: “Members tell me they are not experiencing any serious problems at the moment, but this could change in August, which is a good month for tourism.

Fernando Plazas, general manager of Procubitos Europe, Spain’s largest ice cream producer, said: “There is ice, but less than the market needs.”

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“it can become a problem for those businesses that don’t have ice machines.”

Spain is currently in the throes of its third heat wave so far this summer.

Meanwhile, Spain has been in the grip of another heat wave so far this summer.

Weather officials said last month was the driest month so far this year and the second hottest since at least 1950.

The sea in areas such as the Costa Blanca is still at 30 degrees Celsius.

Earlier yesterday, it emerged that British tourists in Spain have been told that they can keep their hotel rooms cooled, despite a new law limiting the temperature in public areas to 27 degrees Celsius.

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Shops, bars and restaurants, supermarkets and airports in the UK’s favorite foreign holiday destination are not allowed to set their air conditioning below 27°C in summer.

And they’ve also been told they can’t raise their heating above 19C in the winter.

But hotel rooms are exempt from the new rule because they are considered private spaces.

The national decree will apply to parts of hotels that are designated as public spaces, such as receptions and dining areas.

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Schools, hospitals, hairdressers and public transport including airplanes and trains are also grouped as exceptions.

The energy-saving measures have been criticized by Spanish hotel and restaurant associations.


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