No Russian coal purchases after April 20, says Tata Steel


On April 20, Tata Steel said it would stop doing business with Russia.

New Delhi:

Tata Steel has not made any purchases of PCI coal from Russia after it announced in April that it was severing trade relations with Russia over the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, a spokesman for the company said on Wednesday. society.

On April 20, Tata Steel said it would stop doing business with Russia. To ensure the continuity of its activities, all its steel production sites in India, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands have found alternative sources of raw material supply to end its dependence on of Russia.

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“Tata Steel would like to provide a clarification given the incorrect information circulating in some sections of the media regarding the purchase/import of coal from Russia,” the spokesperson said.

An agreement for the supply of 75,000 tonnes of PCI coal was finalized in March 2022 and the contract came into effect weeks before Tata Steel’s announcement in April.

The shipment was received in May 2022 to honor the business commitment made prior to the announcement.

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“Following the announcement, Tata Steel has made no new purchases of PCI coal from Russia. As a responsible company, we have and will continue to remain committed to our stated position and the obligations thereunder,” said said the spokesperson.

Pulverized coal is used by steelmakers in the blast furnace (BF) as an auxiliary fuel. Pulverized Carbon Injection (PCI) is a process of injecting large volumes of fine carbon particles into the BF raceway.

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