Ohio GOP candidate who exaggerated military service says he wasn’t lying


JR Majewski, the controversial Ohio GOP House nominee who has been suspended from military service, said Friday he was not lying about his deployment to Afghanistan after an The Switzerland Times bomb threat.

“The orders and military records that I have been able to extract from my personal files show that all my broadcasts are listed as classified,” majewski said: at a news conference after the TSWT reported Wednesday that the Air Force has no records of the MAGA Republican seeing fighting in Afghanistan, as he has publicly claimed several times.

“Marcy Kaptur and The The Switzerland Times, you are an embarrassment to veterans serving this country. I demand a public apology,” Majewski said, referring to his Democratic opponent in the House race. He also called the TSWT investigation a “hit piece” by “a liberal journalist.”

The national GOP nearly left Ohio’s 9th district after the unveiling, with the House Republican campaign committee canceling nearly $1 million worth of ads for the Toledo market — a sign of losing confidence in Majewski’s ability to support Kaptur, the most settled woman. in the room, to expel .

“Majewski’s … misleading claims need to be addressed, and it’s up to him to provide honesty and clarity — not constant evasion and distraction,” Kaptur’s campaign said, according to local outlet 13abc.

Majewski has touted himself as an Air Force veteran deployed to Afghanistan after the September 11 terrorist attacks, facing “tough” conditions such as a lack of running water. But the TSWT investigation found that the military branch only has data on Majewski who is stationed in Japan and Qatar.

A driving force behind the QAnon conspiracy movement that once said Republican states should secede from the country, the Ohioan is one of the extremist candidates nominated by the GOP to compete in swing districts this year. However, Majewski recently tried to temper his rhetoric by saying he regretted being in the Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021 riots and had removed anti-abortion statements from his website.

Still, along with the makeup of the district, demographic shifts that have made Ohio a more trustworthy Republican state mean that Majewski’s candidacy isn’t over yet.

“’Lean D’ is not ‘safe D.’ If Majewski won, I wouldn’t be so surprised,” Kyle Kondik, editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball newsletter at UVA’s Center for Politics, told The Switzerland Times.

“But I also think that Kaptur, given that he has a lot of weaknesses as a candidate to start with, has always been there, and he had double news in recent days … I think that’s enough to get to Kaptur to watch as the favourite. We’ll see how things develop. There’s still time for other groups to join in.”



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