Overland Park police identify elderly couple killed in suspected murder-suicide


Overland Park police identified the elderly couple who died in a possible murder-suicide on Thursday morning.

Police found Frank and Donna Mayfield, both 87, dead when they responded at around 9.15am to a shooting in the 8400 block of England Street, said Officer John Lacya spokesperson for the Overland Park Police Department.

Lacy said the husband called the police to say his wife had been shot. When officers arrived at the scene, they found that the appellant and his wife had died of gunshot wounds.

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“It’s a tragedy,” Lacy said.

Donna Mayfield was bedridden and may have been in hospice care, Lacy said.

John Gronberg said he lived near the couple for a long time and spent time doing repairs and building things with his neighbor. He and his wife were away on Thursday morning but were ‘devastated’ when they heard the news after driving home to find police tape and police cars surrounding his neighbours’ house.

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Gronberg said his two neighbors were in declining health and Frank Mayfield had reviewed nursing home information.

Another neighbour, who wished not to be identified, described the couple as loving but more withdrawn as the wife’s health has declined in recent years.

Overland Park Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide after finding an elderly couple dead at the scene of a shooting in the 8400 block of England Street on Thursday morning.


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