Overwatch 2’s Watchpoint Bundle includes enough currency for two more premium battle passes


Although Blizzard won’t reveal all the details of Monitor 2until closer to the launch of the game, some additional information came to light.

We already knew there would be free and premium versions of the Battle Pass. The Monitor 2 Watchpoint Pack, which includes perks like guaranteed access to the second beta when it launches next week, includes the premium Battle Pass for the first season. Now, it has appeared that it could also cover the cost of the next two seasons.

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Along with two exclusive legendary skins (and the original game if you don’t already own it), the Watchpoint bundle also includes 2,000 virtual currencies. In a Q&A session on Reddit, Surveillance Business Manager and VP Jon Spector wrote that each season’s premium battle pass will cost 1,000 VC. So you can use the VC you get with the Watchpoint bundle to pay for the premium battle pass in season two and season three of Monitor 2.

I’m speculating here, but I’m guessing that means the premium battle pass is $10 per season. A one percent CV rate would keep things simple and easy to understand. If you analyze the value of the Watchpoint bundle at $40, it makes even more sense. Raising the premium battle to $10 would also keep the cost in line with battle passes from other free games.

It’s not yet clear if you’ll receive VC at certain Battle Pass tiers, which could lower the cost of next season’s premium pass. I’m sure we’ll find out more soon enough.



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