Peter Doocy Appears Shocked When Called Out For Insulting Biden


Peter Doocy looked surprised when he was called to the White House press conference for insulting President Biden.


Doocy asked, “I know you said no meeting is scheduled with XI. Is there a reason why? President Biden has known him for decades. He has a lot of free time up there in the residence this week.’

Kirby replied, “He has no free time. He’s been working through his illness the whole time, frankly, Peter. So it’s a bit insulting. And as for a phone call – it is.’

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Doocy tried to say, “Someone is isolating themselves.”

Kirby called to him, “You’re suggesting he has a lot of free time like he’s doing nothing, and you know he isn’t. As for an appeal to President XI, I have not planned anything about the President to speak with. If the president ever felt that a phone call to President XI was an appropriate way to respond, or that it would have an effect and a result that he wants to achieve, he would certainly want to do it.

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The look on Doocy’s face was one of surprise that John Kirby would utter the insult he apparently thought was so clever.

It’s not Biden who has tons of free time as president, that would be Trump, and Kirby was on the line of Doocy’s questioning, which implied Biden is weak on China because TSWT News and the right have come up with a China/Biden conspiracy theory that they been trying to go mainstream for almost three years.

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Peter Doocy tried to insult Biden and he was called out for his disrespect.


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