Police Shoot, Arrest Attack With Deadly Gun Suspect in South Los Angeles


Los Angeles Police Department officers arrested an attack involving a fatal weapons suspect in South Los Angeles early Friday morning.

The incident began around 10:25 PM near Imperial Highway and Success Avenue, where the suspect was seen riding a bicycle. After a short chase, the suspect dropped the bike and ran away from pursuing officers, one of whom opened fire and punched the suspect as he fled.

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According to police, the suspect pulled out some weapon after getting off the bike, leading to the shooting.

The suspect fled to a recycling center in the area, sparking a large-scale search by law enforcement officials that culminated in a three-hour stalemate.

After a SWAT team was called to the scene, authorities arrested the suspect around 3:15 am. He was taken to a hospital for treatment for injuries sustained in the shooting.

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Police said the suspect was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon in a separate incident last week.


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