Pompeo: ‘The Chinese Communist Party has declared economic war on America’


During Wednesday’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complained about executives in the US financial sector.

Host Laura Ingraham played a video in which Jane Fraser, CEO of Citibank, warned about the potential consequences of withdrawing from China.

“Looking at the customers we serve, many of them are multinational customers in China,” Fraser said. “And we see that there is a high degree of interdependence. We need to take a strategic stance in America about where we need more strategic independence and build it thoughtfully. But also in a way that does not cause crises, economic crises.”

Pompeo responded by noting that Fraser and others in the financial world had failed to recognize the “economic war” the Chinese had declared against the United States.

“[I] will tell you, it also sounds a lot like what I heard from Chinese leaders, Chinese leaders saying, ‘Oh, we’re so connected, it’s going to be really bad for you.’ This is exactly the wrong thinking that for 40 years has failed to recognize that the Chinese Communist Party has declared economic war on America, they have fueled their economy on America’s back, and we have allowed them to do it .

“I hope our senior finance leaders really come to understand that they are American companies with American interest and are doing the things that will defend American freedom and put real trust in the Chinese Communist Party to start behaving,” he added. .

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