Prunedge Wins Software Company of the Year and Wins Two Other Awards at the 13th Annual Beacon of ICT Awards


Lagos, 2022. Provider of indigenous technology solutions, Prunedge was announced as a double winner at the recently concluded Beacon of ICT awards. Prunedge took home the biggest prize of the night as it was announced as the Software Company of the Year; The Lagos-based startup also won the award for ICT Services Implementation and Support Company as it wrapped up an impressive performance at the event.


The Beacon of ICT (BoICT) Awards are Nigeria’s most prestigious technology/ICT awards and conferences, held annually to assess the Nigerian information and communication technology space, as well as to reward exceptional contributions to the growth of the sector. This year, the theme of the BoICT conference is “Impact of Blockchain Technology in a Digitized Nigeria”.

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This award recognizes Prunedge’s immense contributions to the development of the information and communications technology industry. Prunedge CEO Joel Ogunsola also made the honorable list of 2022 winners by being named ICT Entrepreneur of the Year.

Joel, who has a strong passion for sustainability, is focused on helping underserved emerging communities gain access to technology. By founding Prunedge, an enterprise technology solutions company focused on providing software, data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain, mixed reality and IoT solutions for businesses across Africa. Prunedge is renowned for innovating and creating affordable technology solutions that solve everyday human problems by increasing the efficiency of systems and processes in the social, commercial and public sector space.

He has demonstrated that his many contributions as a technology enthusiast drive sustainable development. Thanks to the vast technical knowledge and expertise of his team at Prunedge, he has contributed to the development of future-proof solutions to help companies achieve their strategic objectives.

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Upon receiving the awards, Lanre Akomolafe, Director of Product and Innovation at Prunedge, said “Prunedge’s recognition is largely due to the perseverance, dedication and hard work of the team”.

In his words, “Our work is based on real-world experience, lessons learned, and industry best practices reinforced by key players in the tech space. Prunedge strives to set the benchmark for developing solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Regardless of the nature of the problem or the area of ​​focus, our solutions are evaluated on their impact, sustainability and effectiveness. These awards are also a reflection of the support and trust of our customers, encouraging us to continue our strong service-oriented culture around our solutions and services.”

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Pruners are excellent mission-driven professionals with an innate mission to do meaningful work and use technology to make a difference in the world. Founded in 2015, Prunedge provides several organizations and companies in various sectors with innovative, efficient and sustainable technological solutions to improve operations in order to provide better optimization and service delivery.

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Prunedge Wins Software Company of the Year and Wins Two Other Awards at the 13th Annual Beacon of ICT Awards


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