Putin warns he will attack West for ‘crossing the line’ as he mobilizes troops


Russian retreat leads to celebration (2/2)

In recent weeks, Ukraine has reclaimed land and what remains are villages and towns in ruins.

Oleksandr was captured more than once by the Russian troops and placed in something called “the well”.

The Pit was a cellar in nearby Mali Prohody that served as a prison. But Oleksandr said he quickly learned to navigate with it.

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He explained: “I learned that basement inside out.

“I could only distinguish people by their voice. The floor was wet. Nothing to lie to. A few torn tires, nothing else.”

He explained that the place was overcrowded, it was wet and the food given was often rotten.

“You ask them, ‘Give me some toilet paper’ and their answers were unkind, ‘I’m going to punch you in the face now.’

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