ReNew Power, HSBC India provides solar electricity and climate education to 75 schools


ReNew develops, builds, owns and operates large-scale wind, solar and hydropower projects

New Delhi:

Renewable energy company ReNew Power has partnered with HSBC India to electrify 75 schools in three states with solar energy and raise awareness about climate change in the school curriculum, the two companies said in a joint statement. As part of the program, digital labs will be set up in the schools, they said.

“The aim of the program is to improve access to learning, including digital education, and create practical awareness about the importance of fighting climate change for a better, greener and cleaner future for India,” said ReNew Chief Sustainability Officer Vaishali Sinha in the statement.

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“It will provide children with better facilities for their modern educational needs. Educating young people about sustainability and climate change is crucial as they will be the future fighters against global warming and preserving our beautiful planet,” she said.

Aloka Majumdar, Head of Corporate Sustainability of HSBC India, emphasized the importance of the partnership and said that education is a crucial factor for the rural ecosystem.

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This collaboration stems from another initiative, Project Surya, where ReNew and its partners are training some 1,000 female salt pan workers to become solar panel and solar pump technicians to improve their livelihoods and move them into the clean energy transition.

HSBC India works with its non-profit partners who focus on the energy transition in sectors such as healthcare and the dairy cold chain.

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ReNew is one of the largest independent renewable energy producers in India and worldwide. It develops, builds, owns and operates large-scale wind, solar and hydropower projects.

HSBC India offers a full range of banking and financial services through 26 branches in 14 cities.



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