Republicans Have Fallen Into a Joe Biden Social Security Trap


President Biden lowered the boom on Republicans in Congress seeking to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Video of Biden speaking at a DNC event:

Biden said in a speech on Friday:

Already 158 House Republicans are signing up to the Republican budget that would already cut Medicare and Social Security, the man responsible for electing Republicans to the Senate Senator Rick Scott of Florida has proposed a plan to cut Social Security every five year on the chopping block. I know this sounds, but I really mean it. Get on the internet and check it out, they built the platform.

According to the Senate, Congress will vote every five years to reduce or abolish Social Security or bring it back to the way it is. What do you think the prospects are for it to come back the way it is? You’ve been paying Social Security since you got your first paycheck.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson as my mother would say, God bless his soul. He thinks five years of waiting is too long and every year he wants social security back. If Congress doesn’t vote to keep it, it goes. A requirement to vote to keep it, now remember that not just the Social Security he wants to set up, Medicare, Medicaid benefits, every federal benefit gets up and must be voted on every year.

In 46 days, America will face this if the Republicans control Congress, Social Security is on the chopping block, but if you support the Democrats, Social Security will be a protected period. I won’t let any MAGA Republican take it away.

When Republicans thought there was going to be a red wave, they started making all kinds of big talk about right-wing dreams and wish lists, like cutting Social Security. At that point, Biden was silent. When Republicans moved from whispering they’d cut Social Security to putting it in writing and saying it publicly, the president relented.

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Biden and the Democrats have a ready-made argument, complete with Republican evidence that they plan to cut Social Security and Medicare, and the president has neatly and clearly passed the stakes to voters. .


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