Restaurant worker’s burns don’t get worse thanks to co-workers with sprinklers


Quick-witted colleagues of a restaurant worker, who caught fire while cleaning the floor, used sprinklers to prevent his burns from getting worse.

The 24-year-old worker was in serious condition in hospital and placed in an induced coma after the incident, which saw him suffer severe burns to 30 per cent of his body, including his arms, face and jaw. chest, reports the Daily Mail.

Diners at On Sunset in Sydney’s Parramatta district had to be evacuated on Tuesday night after a spark from a malfunctioning dishwasher caused the cleaning product the man was using to ignite on the floor.

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Colleagues reportedly used sprinklers to try to prevent the man’s burns from getting worse while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

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The cleaning fluid was allegedly ignited due to a problem with the dishwasher

The employee was placed in an induced coma by paramedics before being taken to hospital for further treatment.

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The Lebanese restaurant incident also led to the evacuation of 150 people living in apartments above the site.

“This patient was in a lot of pain when we arrived after sustaining burns to around 30 per cent of his body,” New South Wales Ambulance Inspector Brian Parsell told the Daily Mail.

Workers held the man in front of the sprinklers while waiting for emergency services
Workers held the man in front of the sprinklers while waiting for emergency services

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He added: ‘We were able to stabilize the patient and placed him in an induced coma at the scene before transporting him to Concord Hospital for further care.

“This is a reminder to the public of the dangers present when working with commercial and household gases; we ask that you beware of open flames and flammable liquids at all times.”

Investigators were on site Tuesday and Wednesday
Investigators were on site Tuesday and Wednesday

NSW Police and Fire Investigators carried out inquiries at the restaurant on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Safe Work NSW is also investigating the matter, the fire is believed to have been caused when a cleaning substance used by the man was ignited by a spark from a dishwasher with an electrical fault.




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