Rick Scott delivered a speech at CPAC that was so derailed that the audience stopped clapping


CPAC has become the rallying point of the far right, but Senator Rick Scott was so out of it that he lost the audience.


The clip of Scott starts talking to him about getting canceled, which is quintessential red meat from the far-right culture war, and it got a slightly bored round of applause, but then Scott started talking about socialism, and it quickly went downhill.

Scott said, “Socialism is not a new idea. It is one of the dumbest, oldest and most discredited ideas of the 20th century that resulted in the deaths of 100 million people.”

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Scott paused for applause, and nothing.

sen. Scott said, “These Democrats who have no idea how the real world works are acting like they just invented socialism. (Pause for applause, and nothing).

Scott continued: “The modern crazy left-wing Democrat has never read George Orwell. They don’t know that they are making his predictions come true. Let’s be clear, what the militant left is proposing now isn’t just wrong, it’s bad.”

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By this time, Scott has completely lost the audience.

Rick Scott is in charge of the Republicans’ national campaign efforts in the Senate. After listening to his comment, it is clear that his idea was to run ads across the country attacking Democratic Senate candidates for being socialists.

The problem is, the message is so boring that even the CPAC wouldn’t believe it.

If Republicans fail to gain control of the Senate, it will be for several reasons, but one of the main ones will be that screaming socialism all day is a lost strategy.

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