Runaway thief mocks UK cops in cheeky hour-long interview streamed on YouTube


A thief on the run after escaping from prison, appeared on a second podcast and continues to taunt the police.

On his last outing, Greggor Gray said he let down the armed police after he “set them up” and humiliated two forces as he remained at large.

Speaking on YouTube channel Blue Tick, Gray – who escaped from HMP Sudbury open prison in May – explained ‘the reason why I am causing chaos’ and revealed his technique for evading officers, Birmingham reports Live.

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He said he was ‘lifting the skirts’ of two police forces and ‘exposing their underwear’ – even calling West Midlands Police to complain after he alleged an officer had wrongly called him a killer .

Derbyshire Police, who took the initiative to track down the convicted robber, said they would not comment on operational policing matters.

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Greggor Gray was a prisoner at HMP Sudbury, Derbyshire

During the extraordinary hour-long interview, available on YouTube, Grey, 42, told hosts Bugsy and Deego about his upbringing in Birmingham.

At the start of the episode, host Deggo told him, “Call it a warning, call it what you want, but I really advise you, after you leave the mandem, to go to the police station as soon as possible. as close as possible.”

Between puffs of a cigarette, a gray-clad Liverpool shirt replied: “Here’s what I’m telling you – and I’m going to keep it 100 per cent – I can see where you’re coming from… and I want it to be clear. It’s not the first time you’ve said that to me. I’m just letting you know that I heard you the first time you said that to me.

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At the end of the episode, Gray claimed to have tricked police officers by saying, “They sent 30 policemen to a pub to look for me and four gunners (armed officers). I set this up. And let me tell you how I set it up.

“I walk with a fanny pack. You don’t know what’s in that fanny pack, but you need to do an assessment. I can go from one building to this pub and you have to do a whole new assessment.

Runaway Greggor Gray has appeared on The Chop Shop and Blue Tick podcasts since his escape from open prison
Runaway Greggor Gray has appeared on The Chop Shop and Blue Tick podcasts since his escape from open prison

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“This call takes five to 10 minutes. I only need half a minute. I left. On the next one.”

Last week it was reported that Gray was still at large despite saying he would return for his parole hearing on June 14.

Derbyshire Police warned the public not to approach the 42-year-old and said in a statement: “Greggor Gray remains exceptional. Anyone with information can contact the force at any time in confidence.


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