‘Sexiest Ghost I’ve Ever Seen Flirting With Me In A Pub’ Claims Paranormal Sleuth


A ghost hunter claims ‘the sexiest spirit she’s ever seen’ flirted with her in a ‘very, very old pub’ which left her ‘tickling’.

Rachel Parsons, who directs the popular Retford Ghost Hunters, says she was surprised by a handsome character who began courting her with a so-called word bank.

The 50-year-old and her team were investigating what is now known as Jack’s Craft Ale House & Diner in Flockton, West Yorkshire, when she was struck by the beauty of an odd resident.

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As is routine for Rachel’s ghoul getters, the entire encounter was live-streamed to their fans on Facebook, during which she can be seen getting excited about some company’s presence.

Rachel told the TSWT she suspected the ghost — potentially named Marcus – imagined a “busty girl” the evening of their visit last September.

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The ‘superb’ ghost was inside Jack’s Craft Ale House & Diner in Flockton, West Yorkshire

She said: “We had some flirtatious spirits. We went to a very, very old pub and I smelled this guy who was, well, he was gorgeous to be fair.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but he was a gorgeous guy with a ruffled shirt and we had what we call a word bank for the spirits to manipulate it and spell the words.”

Rachel Parson
Rachel described the ghost’s look as belonging to Wuthering Heights

In the live stream which is still available on the band’s Facebook page, the word “thick” appeared on a laptop on a pub table, followed by “bar”.

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Rachel explained: “It’s called an Alice box and the words coming out. One after another it was flirtatious words, it was really crazy and everyone else was like wow, never seen nothing like.

“He was definitely talking to me, I think he was thinking ‘I’m going to have this busty girl,’ it was definitely pretty comedic.”

Rachel Parson
Rachel couldn’t believe how alluring the ghost was

Ghost hunters visited the pub after reports of ghostly activity and they did not leave disappointed.

Rachel can be heard telling her colleagues in the clip, “I’ll tell you something good, I’ve never seen such a man, he’s so handsome, he’s so dark and handsome, he’s absolutely handsome, quite sexy in fact, I’ve never seen such a sexy ghost.

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“He is adorable, with beautiful black hair.

“You’ll laugh but you know what he just said to me? ‘Hi girl,’ I think he likes them a little busty.”

Rachel Parson
Rachel’s boyfriend described the scene as ’50 shades of ghost’

Admitting to feeling ‘tickled’ and having ‘dizziness’, Rachel sat down in the pub where she instantly had a vision of a wanderer sleeping on a bench next to her 200 years ago.

Soon, the Alice box software launched “need some water” before the hilarious flirtation began with “erotic”.

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Rachel asked her team, “Have you ever seen me like this? I need a room. He loves me.”

As another investigator asked the ghost if he loved Rachel, another light tool began to flash and the words “living room” and “the wall” appeared on Alice’s box.

“50 shades of ghost,” her friend joked as viewers were captivated by the unlikely romance that was unfolding.




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