‘She-Hulk’ director says complaints of bad CGI stem from ‘our culture’s belief in possessing women’s bodies’ – DNyuz


The director of the new series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” has fired back at complaints about the computer-generated imagery by blaming society’s propensity for the ownership of women’s bodies.

The new Marvel Studios series starring the superhero character She-Hulk received a disappointing response from some viewers after the first trailer came out months ago.

A second trailer appeared to show improved graphics, but the complaints persisted.

In a virtual panel that publishes the show, the lead actress and director defended the effects of their critics.

“I really think we need to be super aware that the working conditions aren’t always optimal and they’ve made these amazing strides in this industry,” said Tatiana Maslany, the actress who plays She-Hulk.

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“I’m watching it and it doesn’t look like a video game cutscene,” she added. “I can see the thoughts of the character. I am in awe of what they do.”

Director Kat Coiro was more direct.

“In terms of criticizing the CGI, I think it has to do with our culture’s belief in possessing women’s bodies,” she said.

“I think a lot of the criticism comes from the feeling that they can tear the CGI woman apart,” explains Coiro. “There’s a lot of talk about her body type, and we’re basing it on Olympic athletes, not bodybuilders. But I think if we had gone the other way, we would have faced the same criticism. I think it’s very hard to win when you’re making women’s bodies.”

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She also defended the show against complaints from special effects artists about poor working conditions at Marvel Studios projects.

Coiro has said in other interviews that the series is focused through a “female lens” rather than the traditional “masculine gaze” that permeates the comic book medium and that “inclusiveness” is a big part of the show.

The nine-episode series is scheduled to debut on the Disney+ streaming platform on August 18.

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Here’s the latest trailer for the ‘She-Hulk’ series:

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